The Most Complete Snowboard Line In The Universe: The RIDE Pig Collection

The Pig Line covers freestyle, freeride, split, and more!

There are plenty of great collections in snowboarding. The Family Tree from Burton, the Quiver Series from Nitro, the Protos from Never Summer, to name a few…but is there any set of boards that is as instantly recognizable and rideable across all terrain as the Pig Line from Ride? Short answer, no. Long answer? Hell nooooooooooooooooo. 

p: Mike Basher

Feel free to argue, but we will prove you wrong.

Five feet of snow just fell at Mammoth? There is a Pig for that! Riding rails on a tow rope in the Midwest? There is a Pig for that, too!  Splitboard trip? SPLITPIG! You no longer have to cut your WARPIG in half and add skins to keep up with your friends hiking around Tahoe.

The WARPIG, itself, is a quiver killer. With a board that good, a line of Pigs is truly just overkill, but it is 2021 and variants are all the rage, so here we are. One recognizable shape that can hit a rail, hold it’s edge, and float in powder wasn’t enough (and might we add, the WARPIG does all three of those exceptionally well), so Ride let the original mutate and specialize over the past few years. Now stretched out over six boards that create the line, the decks differ in where they enhance enjoyment across the mountain, but their squared-off noses and tails remain related. Seems like a pretty complete and well-thought-out line to us! 

They even perform well on pavement! p: T. Bird

With differing camber profiles, recommended lengths, and sidewall tech, I am pretty convinced the perfect board for anyone could be found within these six, as long as you like the look. The overall identity, no matter which offspring of the WP, is surfy, yet stable. If you have never surfed, don’t worry, that is just an expression. What I mean is that the boards are loose, even if you are a stiff, and they can hold a rail through a turn, so you don’t even have to think about it. With medium responsiveness, they are less of a touchy sports car, and more of a trusted pick up. (Also like a pick up, they are oddly fetishized by certain people, but still appropriate for all occasions.)

If you get into an argument with your friends about this article and need more facts to back up the title, first, tell your friends thanks for reading and keeping us employed. And have them watch the above edit from Jake Durham. If it works for Hana Beaman, Brandon Davis, Jake Welch and the rest of the Ride crew, it’s already more board than your nay-saying friends will know what to do with. We aren’t going to break down all the tech in each PIG because Ride already does that on their website. Plus, this was just the announcement for the 2022 line. There is more where this came from, and perhaps a sneak peek into the 2022 Platinum Picks, so check back soon. 


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