The Resurrection: Snowboarding is Dead. Long Live Snowboarding

Snowboarding’s increasing commercial appeal has forced snowboarders to look inward and reexamine their passion, to consider what drew them to such a lifestyle in the first place and how they can stay true to that raw sense of rebellion. Indeed, such contemplation comes from the battle between small, independent, soulful riders and brands versus the global conglomerates that have scooped up and regurgitated snowboarding culture solely in the interest of profit.

A recent snowboarding film, with snow royalty at its helm, forced us to examine that battle. Travis Rice’s Depth Perception reminds us that we can always go home again.

“The soul of snowboarding waited patiently for the rest of the world to stop seeing our thing as a commodity, even when that day felt like it would never come,” Josi Stephens writes for Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine. “All because snowboarding is ours. And as it limps back home, hat in hand, to the community that never stopped caring, we welcome it back with open arms.”

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