The Spirit of Flatness– Snowboarding in Finland

The Spirit of Flatness is a documentary film about traveling through the country of Finland, snowboarding and figuring out how to excel in the sport in such difficult (flat) geographical conditions, practically without any mountains.

Finland has some of the best snowboarders in the world, so this film follows two interesting riders on the trip. They explore how snowboarding can be done in Finland.

They drive 350km in to the Arctic Circle and also show the highest mountain top where probably no one has ever ridden a snowboard before.

[4k & full screen recommended]

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Directed by: Paweł Jaworski

D.O.P: Michał Schwierc


Janne Lipsanen –

Axel Thelen –


After All by Eill (Long Nights)  Artlist license

Berlin by James Forest (James Forest and the East Road) Artlist license

City Angels by Oliver Michael (Citadel) Artlist license

For the Brave Who Silently Slip From the Earth by The SoundKeeper (I Wonder Where You Are) Artlist license

Rae by Kevin Graham (Sierra ) Artlist license

Run All Night by Stanley Gurvich (Blossom Learning) Artlist license

The Great Dictator Illuminati  by Syncro (Syncro) Artlist license

Wonder by Tristan Barton (Revelations) Artlist license

Elevation by Stanley Gurvich (Gravity) Artlist license

Slaves by Wild Tulip (GOLET’S) Artlist license

The Path. by Oliver Michael (TO THE SKY) Artlist license

City Coming To Life by Oliver Michael  (CITADEL) Artlist license

Golden Sunrise by Ian Post (Home Tales) Artlist license

Special Thanks – Matek Mateusz Czech

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