Everyone’s Invited: The Uninvited III Premieres in SLC

Darrah Reid-McLean reports from Salt Lake.

words: Darrah Reid-McLean
photos: Melissa Riitano

Brewvies Cinema Pub in Salt Lake City hosted the first North American premiere of The Uninvited III and the world premiere of Paper Tiger on Monday. After overwhelming the unsuspecting bar staff at the theater, the crowd filled the seats and any available aisle space. Mike Ravelson kicked off the evening with some eloquent words into a malfunctioning microphone (what would a snowboard premiere be without a few technical glitches).

“Paper tiger is basically something that from afar or in the darkness seems threatening and harmful like a tiger stalking in the bushes waiting to pounce,” explained Rav. “But when that tiger is examined and some light is shone on it, you realize it’s just a concept, and you can just crumple it up and throw it away.”

Paper Tiger took me on a visual journey depicting the interaction between physical snowboarding and the mental battles that are sometimes involved. At least that’s how I interpreted it. Watching the movie made me feel like I was being treated to a glimpse into Mike Rav’s brain. Plus the snowboarding was amazing.

Next came Jess Kimura’s third and final installment of The Uninvited. This is a project close to my heart. It’s been an honor to film for all three, as well as witness everyone’s progression over the last few years. I truly feel like snowboarding needed The Uninvited (and especially Jess). I personally would have been lost without this platform to pursue my passion. Also, being a spectator to Jess’ hard work and self-taught editing over the summer has been inspiring. Really, I don’t know where I’d be without her, so thank fuck for Jess Kimura. It was amazing to experience the premiere in one of snowboarding’s largest hubs and among so many great members of the snowboarding community.

Women’s snowboarding has come a long way from even the first Uninvited movie and it’s so exciting to imagine where we’re going next. The Uninvited III features Nora Beck, Ylfa Runarsdottir, Henna Ikola, Taylor Elliott, Maggie Leon, Kaleah Opal, Naima Antolin, and many more. Biggest takeaway after seeing it on the big screen is simply that girls are ripping. Based on the level of cheering from the crowd, I think this was a shared sentiment. The movie has bigger spots, more trick variety, and harsher slams (if you can believe that) than its two predecessors. This is the conclusion of The Uninvited trilogy, but I think many new doors are about to open.

Many of us followed up the premiere with $3 tequila shots (single pours only, Utah is so weird) from a well-known SLC bar called Twilight. From what I remember, a good time was had by all. Also, Jeff Holce is pro.


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