This week in weather: storms predicted to hit from coast to coast, the PNW & Upper Northeast set for a solid dose of snow

Another snowy week is in the works for the West, with the East also benefitting from a solid dose of fresh. Oregon, Wyoming, Utah, New York and Vermont are topping the charts, as storms systems continue to hit throughout the end of the week and on through the weekend. The Midwest isn’t getting any love this week, unfortunately, as their thermometers dip but no storms move through.

With the help of the crew over at, here’s a look at what’s happening across the country, this week in weather:

This week in weather | Graphic courtesy of Open Snow This week in weather | Graphic courtesy of Open Snow

The Pacific Northwest

Cold, cold, cold. The Northwest is looking bitter this week, with the thermometer sitting at a low of about 25, with wind chills dropping into the teens. A hefty dose of snow is in the works for Oregon, as Mount Bachelor is pegged to receive up to 19 inches of snow by Friday, while Mt. Baker, WA may see a solid 12 inches on Saturday, with another 13 inches on Sunday. Stevens Pass is also predicted to have a nice little weekend of snowfall, with up to 15 inches falling through Saturday night, topped off by another 3 inches on Sunday.

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The Northern Rockies

Things are looking pretty calm up in Montana, with light snow falling over Discovery Ski Area and Lost Trail Powder Mountain Thursday night into Friday, while the rest of the state sits pretty stagnant. Beginning on Saturday and on through Sunday night, the clouds are predicted to open up over most of the state, dropping a total of just about 5 inches at Big Sky, though Red Lodge Mountain may see up to 13 inches by the time Monday morning rolls around. Moving into Wyoming, however, the snowfall is a whole lot more promising, with inches stacking up at Jackson Hole throughout the week — up to 43 inches in total through Sunday night — while Grand Targhee expects around 22 inches, a more mellow accumulation than Jackson but still very solid.

The Northeast

A big storm moved over New England last night, the largest they’ve seen in weeks. The Berkshires, southern VT & southern NH got the brunt of the system, with the northern Adirondacks and northern VT missing out on the heaviest snowfall. A stronger system appears to be ready to roll throughout the entire Northeast on Wednesday, with upwards of a foot is possible through Thursday for many areas. A pretty mellow week, overall.

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Though the forecast isn’t super solid, it looks like CO will be seeing snow on Thursday and Friday, then again on Monday and Tuesday. After about 2-5 inches stacked up across the state early this week, the winds will be favoring the Southern mountains as a second storm system moves in on Wednesday night. Come Friday, the system is predicted to move further into the central and northern mountains, bringing accumulations of anywhere from 5-10 inches to those areas. For those in the southern mountains, the best days for powder turns will be Friday and Saturday mornings, while thjose in the central and northern mountains will probably be in the best shape on Friday night and Saturday morning. The state is predicted to dry out for a bit on Sunday, before another storm moves in to drop over 6 inches on Monday and on through Tuesday.

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Another system is predicted to move through Utah Wednesday night, bringing a dose of snow to northern Utah on through the weekend. Southern Utah is sitting pretty dry until early next week, when the system moves down. Brighton can expect about an inch Wednesday night, with up to 13 more by Friday morning. Saturday and Sunday should bring another 13 and 8 inches, respectively. Over in Park City, the forecast is calling for up to 9 inches Thursday, another 10 on Friday, 12 on Saturday and 8 on Sunday. It’s shaping up to be a pretty stellar weekend up at Deer Valley and Solitude as well, a foot expected to fall over the next 3 days.

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The Sierras

According to meteorologist Bryan Allegretto, this region can expect snow on Thursday, and then another round Saturday night through Monday. Anywhere from 3-6 inches are predicted for the basin and 6-9 along the crest. Between the two storm systems, light showers are expected to fall, meaning another good dose of snow for Tahoe following last week’s major accumulations.

A look at what northern CA can expect in the coming week | Graphic courtesy of Open Snow A look at what northern CA can expect in the coming week | Graphic courtesy of Open Snow

The long range forecast is calling for a break in snowfall on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, with the potential for another storm on Thursday.

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The Midwest

It’s shaping up to be a quiet week for the Midwest, with storm systems passing just above and below the region. Monday looks to hold the first promise of new snow, with the rest of this week sitting dry and bitter cold.

The Midwest, getting no love this week | Graphic courtesy of Open Snow The Midwest, getting no love this week | Graphic courtesy of Open Snow

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According to meteorologist Sarah Cannard, “Eaglecrest and Juneau are in for a long stretch of clear and cold. Temperatures are already super chilly on the mountain for what we’re used to and it appears that the following week will be more of the same. For a couple days now some light snow has been projected for Friday, and while it’s not clear how much that might be, no one is counting on it being a ton.” In Alyeska, A dusting of snow is expected to continue on through the weekend, starting with 2 inches Thursday, and finishing up with just an inch on Sunday.


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