Victoria Jealouse snowboarding Mark Gallup Photography

Those Days 019: Victoria Jealouse, 1999

“A few friends were growing tired of the Whistler summer camp scene and decided to just run their own summer camp down the road at a remote location called Brohm Ridge. Years ago somebody built a hotel-type building high in the alpine in hopes of starting a resort. It never happened, but Al Clark, John Greenglass, and Greg Todds saw an opportunity and used the location for a super pipe camp from 1998 to 2001. A lot of love and devotion went into that hand-dug pipe and as the old saying goes: If you build it, they will come. Pros and campers alike loved the true camp feeling. Coaches slept in tents and cars, campers slept in the building. A renegade camp with an organic, home grown, family vibe to it. The true spirit of snowboarding lies in the community of the people that embody it.” — Mark Gallup

Editor’s note: Victoria Jealouse was a pioneer in women’s snowboarding. She made it known that women can take on big mountain riding and gave women a voice in an industry largely dominated by men. On behalf of Snowboard Magazine, thank you Victoria, and thank you to all of the powerful women continue to push the boundaries of snowboarding. — Jens Heig

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Few can honor the title of a snowboard historian. Individuals like Pat Bridges, Michael Chantry, and Todd Kohlman certainly can, but Mark Gallup is in a league of his own. Not only was Mark present in the cradle of snowboarding’s infancy, but his camera was as well. Pioneers like Craig Kelly, Victoria Jealouse, Tina Basich and Jason Ford are just several of the names written on boxes of negatives in Mark’s archive, which he regularly shares on his Instagram account, bringing the past to life. It is more important than ever to reflect on these people that helped bring snowboarding to where it is today, and remind us of a time before the digital age, when patience and anticipation battled each other while people waited to see the next development in our lifestyle’s incredible story. Thank you for sharing Mark, these memories are cherished.

Those Days is a weekly series from Snowboard Mag that gives photographers a platform to share some of the most memorable moments from their careers. Each month, we give a different photographer the platform to share photos that spur feelings of nostalgia, triumph, pain, happiness; anything with a story they want to tell. Our culture’s history is vast and full of these special, fleeting instants in time. Those Days is here to bring them to you.


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