Video Games launches website for the 2013 season

Video Games 2013 officially announces open registration. Video Games Event is a new series for digital media creators and competitive Action Sports athletes online. The inclusive $1k X-MAS Skate and BMX contest is open to anyone who would like to participate. Edits must be Skateboard or BMX focused, and contains one shot with a Christmas theme. Use old footage, or new footage, re-edit’s or new edits… its all good. The four-stop Mountain tour for skiers and snowboarders will cover the New England area creating exclusive and original digital media at each location. Ski and Snowboard registration will be available soon.

Dates and Locations:
X-MAS Special Edit Event; $1k for Skate, and $1k for BMX
X-MAS Open entry closes Dec 15th
X-MAS Voting Open from Dec 15th – Dec23rd
X-MAS Skate and BMX announced on Christmas Day

On Mountain Events
January 26th – Wachusett, MA
February 9th – Loon Mtn, NH
March 2nd – Sunday River, ME
March 23rd – Okemo Mtn, VT

The underground popularity of Video Games Event series is sweeping across New England. The event series was positioned at the Boston Ski and Snowboard EXPO and seen by 25,000 New England enthusiasts. The event began the advertisement for the $1k X-MAS Battle for cash with Skateboard and BMX contest participants. This online video contest is under way now accepting team registration and submissions. Winning video’s will be chosen and hosted online Dec 15th for the online voting week. Voting will begin on Dec 16th and go up to Christmas Day. Get your videos in now before it’s to late. Also check out the Ski and Snowboard event stops across New England this winter!

Video Games Stance: As digital media cements itself in every facet of our life from our phones, TVs, workspaces and school systems in a somewhat intrusive fashion, there becomes a need to find ways to enjoy this experience. Video Games 2013 combines our imagination with the creative learning process and the inherent nature to share the work we create, all in one event. Participants will discover a completely new way to engage with media in a person-to-person social environment and also enjoy a progressive learning experience with hands-on state-of-the-art equipment. Video Games 2013 is here to combine the fun of action sports with the technology of digital videographer/photography and will promote the professionalism of good storytelling and quality media making. There is finally a place to host all your stuff, and its here… its Video Games!

VIDEO GAMES 2013 got history – (formally known as “SOFA-KING New England”) is an interactive snowboarding event that allows the participants to enjoy the freedom of riding with the creativity of filming and editing. They can compete with friends via voting for their favorite “Video Game” edit online. Competitors will form teams at each stop. Each team is responsible for creating one video edit per stop. The final edits will be posted online with a live voting system. Prizes will be awarded at each stop for winning edits. Point totals will be tallied for a final Grand Prize at the last stop. To qualify for the Grand Prize, teams must complete two of three stops, and voting will determine the ultimate winners online.

Video Games 2013 promises to bring a high level of creativity to the event. To keep things fresh, teams will be provided with a “task force list” that outlines places and tricks. Tasks will range from “front side board slide the pyramid box,” to “find a natural obstacle to jib,” and these tasks must be included in the edit in order for teams to be eligible for prizes. Consider it a scavenger hunt of epic proportions. Video Games 2013 will encourage kids to ride the whole mountain, to formulate strategy and to focus on accomplishing goals while working together as a team.

Andrew Mutty, owner and operator of Reel Theory, a digital media marketing company, brings the East Coast this new ski and snowboard series dedicated to further developing the imagination and progression of our sports. “It’s all about creating a fun and engaging platform for positive and progressive riding,” said Mutty.

Mutty continued, “The benefit of the event is to allow riders a new opportunity of engagement with the community on a national level. Video contests are hot right now, and there is nothing new about what we are doing, but I do think the key lives in what we do, and how we do it, that will make the biggest difference.”

Mutty’s involvement in snowboarding events roots itself on the East Coast with more the 15 years of experience. He developed and supported the Main Event Snowboard Series through nine seasons since 2002, and has been a part of basically every major event across the globe from the Olympics and X Games, to the US Open and many more. His philosophy of giving back to the community holds true in providing opportunities for East Coast snowboarders in ways that simply doesn’t exist anywhere else.

“There is a real opportunity to involve East Coasters in a new event series that speaks to a national audience, and this is what we hope to do with Video Games,” Mutty commented, then added, “We have found that companies are feeling a loss of exposure here due to a lack of high profile athletes competing in Dew Tours or US Opens. There is no national exposure for the kids here like there used to be and it’s a shame. Many parents of boarders are left asking, ‘Where is the connection to the market?’ And this is why I found it necessary to develop something fun and exciting for the market.”

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