The grand finale of the first event of the 2023 Natural Selection Tour, the NST Duels, dropped today and it’s a heavy battle between one of the most renowned backcountry boarders ever and one of the most talented up-and-comers in big mountains. Leanne Pelosi and Hailey Langland go head-to-head in British Columbia.

This Duels is a fantastic example of what makes Natural Selection so rad; in the video, Hailey explains how excited she is to shred with Leanne because she’s always looked up to her. As a way to bring together riders from different arenas and backgrounds in snowboarding, Natural Selection provides opportunities and excitement for both competitors and viewers. Cheers to this Duel between two incredible snowboarders!

Whoever wins will head to Revelstoke for the second event (broadcasting live) during the contest window, March 4-10th!

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