WATCH: Travis Rice Rides Insane Line – King Kong Pillows

Perhaps you’ve seen this on Travis Rice’s social channels, but it’s definitely worth watching over and over again.

Travis Rice is an absolute GOAT, and handles this steep, technical pillow line in British Columbia with the utmost confidence and style. From the moment he drops in, until it’s finally all over, he doesn’t let anything stop him.

From Travis:

“I find with persistence and an open mind, once every couple years I am lucky enough to get a shot at a line like this! A myriad of variables had to come together to get a stab at this beauty. It was a team effort and lines like this only have a number of days that only some years become ridable. It took some effort to get into the right mindset before this line but I was able to get to a place of flow and had a full time dilation experience down this. Active meditation and joy can be a savage combo! I wasn’t going to stop until the line stopped me… We ended up landing back at base right before dark on our last day. This line took 3 days of trying to get, shot on GoPro #hero7black straight from camera, no extra stabilization!”

Thanks to Robin Van Gyn | Austen Sweetin | WRKSHRT | Tim Zimmerman | Stellar Heliskiing | Blair Habenicht | Greg Johnson

Thanks to you, Travis.


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