Thumb Fake Website

Last week, a few brands reported fake sites popping up on the web selling boards for too-good-to-be-true deals. And while we would advise against it, the deals were still too good to pass up, so we grabbed our boss’ credit card and went to work ordering the newest 2022 lines. You know, just in case. After a week of waiting and seeing a lot of charges pop up on said card, we are here to report the cold hard facts. Sadly, the news is true. These fake sites are just fake sites. Don’t buy a snowboard off… or any site selling a 154 Super D.O.A. for under $70.00, unless you are willing to roll the dice and see someone buying gas in Tempe, AZ and a Big Gulp in Tuscon on your dime.

How do you know if a site is fake or not? No idea. We aren’t the FBI. But we know a good way to not get catfished is to go walk into your local shop and pick up a board there. There are a lot of shops out there that were hit hard during the pandemic, and if you are going to get scammed out of some cash, let it be from the kid trying to sell you weed outside the store. Also, do kids still sell weed outside the store? We have been on the West Coast, where it it’s legal, for way too long. The only scam in the weed game out here is CBG. How many acronyms can you feel? Acronyms for weed are about as useful as waterproof ratings for gear. 10,000mm proof? What is the conversion of 10,000mm of rain to snow? (We know it is from some tube test, but when was the last time you ran into a tube of snow and sat there for 24 hours?). Ratings be damned, just tell us if I am going to get wet or not. 

Wow, this article really got away from us in a paragraph and a half. The point is, there are fake sites out there. Watch out. If you are getting tricked at this point, that’s on you. Go buy from your local shop, and if you don’t have a local shop, move. And check your waterproof ratings so you know if it is more of a head dry or a body dry.