This week in weather: On the hunt for powder? Head North!

this-week-in-weather-december-16-december-20-powder-forecast A look at what the models are predicting across the country this week; looks like the north is hoarding the snowfall | Graphic courtesy of

According to our friends over at, this coming week is going to be the driest we’ve seen in a little while, with temps warming up across the country. While Colorado, The Sierras and Utah are predicted to share a pretty dry week overall, regions farther north are expected to receive a solid dose of snowfall coming in two waves: the first will lay down a few inches midweek, Tuesday or Wednesday night depending on the area; the second should land on Friday, with resorts around the Pacific Northwest hopefully seeing up to 10 inches. Jackson Hole is the golden zone this week, as snow is predicted to start falling on Thursday and continue on through the beginning of next week. On the other side of the country, New York, New Hampshire, and Maine, are holding it down for the NE, as Maine is crossing its fingers that the models forecasting a solid 12 inches for Wednesday actually pan out.

Read on for more specific forecasts, divvied up by region:

The Pacific Northwest

Up at Mount Hood Meadows, a few inches of fresh are expected to fall Tuesday night and on through Wednesday night, though accumulation will be minimal. More exciting, however, is the coverage predicted for Friday night — up to 10 inches. Sounds like Saturday is going to be a supreme powder day, though the rest of the weekend isn’t looking like it will cooperate, as temps hop up into the high 30s and rain may actually make an appearance. As far as Steven’s Pass is concerned, Friday is also the most promising day this week, hopefully gathering 4-8 inches of snow, a nice boost to the 1-3 inches predicted to fall over Thursday night. Mt. Bachelor is looking at a few inches of snow falling Wednesday and Wednesday night, though the rest of the week shaping up to be pretty quiet. Temps will bounce from a low of 11 degrees Wednesday night into the 20s and 30s for the latter part of the week.

Across the region, Friday is looking to be a highlight of this week, though a few lucky areas will see small accumulations Wednesday and Thursday night as well.

The Northern Rockies

Over in Wyoming, the lucky locals at Jackson Hole are keeping their fingers crossed for a snowy weekend, as reports show snow beginning to fall on Thursday, with no signs of stopping through the weekend and into early next week. Friday and Monday are shaping up to be that most promising snow days, with around 3″ expected to accumulate on Friday, and 4″ predicted for Monday the 23rd, just in time for a powdery Christmas Eve. Big Sky is expected to see anywhere from 2-4″ Wednesday night, with another quick inch falling on Thursday. From Friday and on through the weekend, a few inches are predicted to make an appearance, with Friday night hopefully playing host to around 4 inches of fresh powder. Discovery Ski Area, Montana Snowbowl, Moonlight Basin, Showdown Mountain & Teton Pass Resort are all also predicted to receive a solid dose of snow Wednesday night— anywhere from 1″ on the low end, to 8″ on the high end (we’re looking at you, Showdown!). Across the state, this weekend is looking promising, with just about one inch predicted to fall both Friday and Saturday. Aside from Jackson Hole, Wyoming is looking pretty dry, as is Idaho, though a few inches may fall towards the northern border.

The Northeast

According to meteorologist Brian Clark, Tuesday night looks promising in terms of a new snow storm, which could come out of Canada and land in southern New Hampshire. Should the storm come in, it should bring just about 4 inches of snow with it. Sunday River is predicted to receive 1-3″ Tuesday night, and then another 1-3″ over Thursday night. Stowe is looking at a bit less snow, with just about 1 inch expected Tuesday night, though Friday could bring in up to 5 inches, a nice layer of fresh to kick off the weekend. Mount Snow is starting off this week with a solid dose of snowfall, with up to 5 inches predicted to accumulate over Tuesday night and through Wednesday morning. The week quiets down after Wednesday morning, with no snowfall expected through the weekend.

Depending on the location, the Northeast is expected to get anywhere from 2-10 inches, with areas of upstate New York, New Hampshire, and Maine being the most likely to see higher totals. Powder alert: Hermon Mountain, Maine is predicted to earn up to 12″ Wednesday night — fingers crossed on this one!

Want to know more? Check out Open Snow’s New England Daily Snow


Kicking off the week with a dry spell, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are supposed to be calm and warm in Colorado. Come Thursday, however, snow is predicted to begin falling, getting heavier throughout the weekend and leaving behind anywhere from 3-6 inches through the Summit County area, though Steamboat may be sitting pretty with accumulation in the double digits. This storm may be proceeded by a few mellow showers Wednesday night, though no notable accumulation is expected.

Update: As promised, the week is starting to see better forecasts for Colorado, specifically Northern Colorado. We can smell the cow manuere here in Boulder which means only one thing, snow for Steamboat. Up to 18-inches could fall by the end of the weekend/early next week. Thanks Father Christmas!

Click here for more info on Colorado weather


Starting Thursday, storms making their way south from BC and Alaska may grant Utah a few shots at some snowfall, as a few weak systems are expected to pass through between now and Christmas. Total accumulations will most likely stay under 6″, with most of the snowfall coming alongside a cold front on Thursday.

Update: As the week progressed, there is a possibility of up to 13-inches of snow accumulation for Utah, specifically Snowbird. The Gods have spoken!

Overall, the forecast is a bit unsteady, so we will keep you updated as more info rolls in.

Check out the Utah Daily Snow for more details, courtesy of Evan Thayer

The Sierras

A cold front is expected to drop down the West Coast midweek, dropping temps in Tahoe from the 40s down into the 20s, and hopefully dropping about 3 inches of snow. The weekend brings with it a rise in temps, however, so this cold spot will be short lived. Dry conditions are expected to extend through the holidays, but we will keep you updated if any changes in the forecast bring promises of powder! Mammoth Mountain will be experiencing the same cold front as Tahoe, possibly earning an inch Wednesday night, up to 4 inches Thursday, tapering off with just one more inch falling Thursday night.

For more on this region, click here 

The Midwest

Focusing in on the Midwest, it looks like this Monday afternoon will lay some snow down in the area, as part one of an ‘Alberta Clipper’ that is moving through. As the storm travels, the entire midwest should see just about an inch of new snow, tapering off bit by bit until it clears out of Marquette around 8pm tonight. The second half of the clipper is predicted to blow through tomorrow (Tuesday) morning, again bringing just about an inch of snow along with it. Looking at Wednesday and Thursday, it seems that temps will bump up, the warmest few days the region has seen in a few weeks. Open Snow’s Midwest meteorologist Andrew Murray also predicts a storm to roll through sometime towards the end of this week, which should bless Friday with at least a bit of fresh snow for the weekend.

Totals for the week are predicted to land anywhere from 3-6″, with areas around Lake Superior and Lake Michigan possibly receiving even more.

A view of the 'split system' storm that is expected to drop new snow on the Midwest on Friday | P: A view of the ‘split system’ storm that is expected to drop new snow on the Midwest on Friday | Graphic courtesy of

Want more midwest? Click here to read the full forecast.

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