Weekend Warrior: The 4th Annual Frendly Gathering at Timber Ridge

Deer Tick performing at The Frendly Gathering. | Photo: frendlygathering.com Deer Tick performing at The Frendly Gathering. | Photo: frendlygathering.com

No plans this weekend? You should be heading to The 4th Annual Frendly Gathering at Timber Ridge, an old ski resort in Souther Vermont.

What is The Frendly Gathering you ask? That’s easy, it’s a three day music festival put on by the Frends Crew that brings together not only a loyal snowboard family, but people who dig good music and good times. As the manifesto states, “We strive to be curators within a community of people who believe in cultivating lasting frendships in an effort to foster collaborative success and rid future generations of exclusivity.”

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Presented by Burton Snowboards, this year’s Frendly Gathering will be the biggest one yet (that’s what Jack Mitrani said last year) with three days full of music that spans all genres including stuff you dig and stuff you probably never knew existed. You know, stuff that will really blow your mind.

Luke Mitrani ripping the mini-ramp. | Photo: frendlygathering.com Luke Mitrani ripping the mini-ramp. | Photo: frendlygathering.com

Besides great music, The Frendly Gathering boasts a ton of other stuff to do: Awaken yoga, disk golf (new this year), Junktown (a modern day drum circle), a skate ramp, hiking trips, a swimming hole, restorative yoga, mountain hooping classes (think hula hooping mixed with yoga), guided hike meditation, dream weaving, Tai Chi Chuan, Luv Step/Yoga and a gypsy lane “burlesque” dance work shop. We dig the skate ramp and swimming hole, but that’s what’s cool about the Frendly Gathering, it has something for everyone.

Check out the full schedule of activities for the 2013 Frendly Gathering.

But don’t be fooled, the Frendly Gathering is all about the music. This year you can look forward to thee full days of bass pumping, ukulele strumming dance parties that will go late into the night from bands like Beats Antique, Keller Williams, Rubblebucket, Paper Diamond, Conspirator, Assembly of Dust, Tea Leaf Green, Twiddle x2, Toubab Krewe x2, Assembly of Dust, Pierce Fulton, Delicate Steve, Lynx, DJ Equal, Lucid, Jatoba, Aqueous, Jack & the Bear, Chris Kasper, Gold Town , Tall Grass Get Down. and many, many more!

If this all seems right up your ally, and why wouldn’t it be, you should hurry over to frendlygathering.com and purchase your tickets before it’s too late. At last look it seems like the 2-day fest pass, Saturday pass and early arrival passes are still available.

Have fun out there kids. And as always, try to be safe. Because that’s what your parents would say.


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