Uprise Fenders are areas at the contact points of the tip and tail which are beveled upward, raising the board’s edges off of the ground. Arbor offers three degrees of Uprise Fender-ing on their boards: 1.5º, 3º, and a 3-5º blend, with their all-mountain and powder-specific boards featuring a higher degree.

With a straight edge, you can see how the board’s surface is flat beneath the bindings, then takes a slight upward turn out toward the tips.

This accomplishes two things: First, and most noticeably, the raised edge at the contact points gives the board a friendly, catch-free vibe while riding flat-based.

Secondly, on Arbor’s wider boards, like this here Satori, the beveled contact points help the board rock from edge to edge very seamlessly, turning what would otherwise be a bit of a strenuous edge transition into a nice, smooth roll. You can see on this tip profile photo that the contact point area where the nose begins to curl up, the base of the board takes on a concave, or dished shape.

Arbor offers three varying degrees of Uprise fendering on their boards, and the greater the degree, the more catch free.

You can learn more about Arbor’s unique technologies right here.

Words and photos; Mike Basher