The YES./Absinthe world movie tour hits Colorado

So I'm still not sure wha's so funny about the Honey Badger, but I can tell you one thing, vocalizing your own Honey Badger theme during the movie while others are enjoying, does not make a great movie any better. Even if Frank April hits it backwards just because he doesn't give a shit, that does not make him the Honey Badger. Or Does it?

To the point though, I was unfortunate enough to have a good portion of the YES. family in Colorado this last week for the final stop of the Absinthe Twe12ve and YES. Its' A Movie Film tour.  All I had to look forward to this whole weekend was shredding, drinking, high fives, music and a crew ready to make it all happen. I know, life is tough. 

Although the recent storms have tapered off, Colorado has had a great opening to the season.  The week started early with DCP rolling into CO and heading up the hill to Vail.  Tuesday was a day to get out and warm up with a little splitboard action at Vail Pass.  The runs were short, but deep, and with a crazy weekend ahead, it was great to spend some quiet time outside.

YES. doubled the movie tour in Colorado with a Battle of the Bands put on by YES., The North Face, and Coupe Studios from Boulder, Colorado.  We gave a few awesome local bands the chance to host our evening parties and an entry to win a spot in the 2012 YES. film. In addition, the generous crew over at Coupe Studios has donate the recording time for the winner to lay down the track in one of the best studios in the region. Keep your eye on the YES. Facebook page for the bands Mancub, Inch of Dark, Whiskey Blanket and Black Hearts and vote for your favorite!

All in all it was a great weekend.  The movies stopped in Denver, Breckenridge and Crested Butte.  We also had a chance to hook up with Steve from Gravitee, our YES. dealer at Copper Mountain, who graciously helped us get on the hill for a much needed session.  Crested Butte stepped it up as well on Saturday by setting up a pre-season rail jam at the base of the hill.  The crew was killing the mini shred.  DCP, Madison, Frank, Caldwell, Coulter, Colin Spencer as well as KC and Shawna, "aka" The Russels. There was also a bunch of hungry CB shreds along with the Colorado Boarder staff on hand and ready to jam!

The night life was great as well, but slightly fuzzy. The Bluebird Theater, three20south and the good 'ol Lobar in Crested Butte made it happen.  Special thanks to Dave over at Snowboard Magazine, Adam at Snowboard Colorado, Andy over at The Underground (the best shop in Summit County), and The North Face who helped make those evenings mostly un-rememorable.  Again, watch for the final YES. it's a Battle vote on Facebook!

Thanks to all of those YES. and Absinthe Fans in Colorado and elsewhere!  You are the reason that film crews like YES. and Absinthe are able to make such unique movies. 

Until next time, pray for snow and keep shredding!

– Joe Timlin


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