Our favorite Sunday In The Park episode of the season so far! A simple and stylish opener from Anthony Slater with Mike Gray and Keoni Kaimuloa backing him up in the edit by Adam Ruzzamenti is the exact thing we needed on this long extended holiday weekend. We don’t think any presidents have actually snowboarded at Bear Mountain, but a quick google search did say Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry S. Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower have all stayed there. No idea if that is true, but Nixon did have a place in Southern California not too far from Big Bear as well, so he probably has wandered up there to enjoy the scenery now and again. Ready for a cheesy one? The only work in the oval office we care about right now is who is putting in time on the down-flat-down-flat-down tube. Just kidding, we hope democracy doesn’t crumble in this next election… But we are also waiting for the pow clips to surface from all of Bear’s recent snowfall… One thing at a time I guess. Enjoy episode five.