Arctic Lights: Antti Autti’s Svalbard Expedition

Life is about balance, and for Antti Autti, finding balance in his life, and with his snowboarding has been a lifelong mission. Nearly a decade ago Antti left the competition circuit at the height of his career. Since then, he has pursued the path less taken and embarked on a series of deeply personal film projects. This past year for his seventh project, Antti set out to continue his search for balance in life and in the mountains by exploring the vast wilderness around his home in the Arctic.

In the second episode of Antti’s Arctic Lights, we follow Antti and Roope Tonteri deep into the fjords and mountains of Svalbard, Norway. While on this expedition Antti was exposed to drastic displays of climate change and global warming. Seeing such jarring examples of climate change lead Antti to not only further question topics of balance as they relate to his snowboarding, but also how balance relates and plays a roll in our global climate and the future of our ecosystems. Allow Antti to guide you on his mission into the Arctic in this short documentary episode and make sure to keep an eye out for the full film dropping soon.


Continue below for a short photo essay from photographer Rami Hanafi

Make sure to pre-order the entire Arctic Lights documentary scheduled for release November 29th, here.

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Antti Autti has always been on the hunt to extend his season one way or another. For a long time, Antti has been dreaming of a sea voyage to the west coast of Svalbard. Finally, in spring 2017 this dream came true and another great season extender saw the light. Together with fellow Finn Roope Tonteri, they set their course north to travel far beyond the arctic circle in search of snow that probably has never been tracked before by a snowboard.

The trip is not only about snowboarding for Antti. He has heard alarming news from locals about the drastic changes in the arctic climate and now its time experience them in person. Everything he sees and hears on his voyage force Antti to think about his life as a professional snowboarder and how to be more sustainable and considerate in his future endeavors.

Arctic-Lights-AnttiAutti-RoopeTonteri-Svalbard-RamiHanafi-7062429-1080 Arctic-Lights-RoopeTonteri-Svalbard-RamiHanafi-7062415-1080 Arctic-Lights-AnttiAutti-RoopeTonteri-Svalbard-RamiHanafi-7061922-1080 Arctic-Lights-AnttiAutti-Svalbard-RamiHanafi-7061623-1080 Arctic-Lights-AnttiAutti-Svalbard-RamiHanafi-7061623-1080 Antti Autti, Roope Tonteri and Anders Bergwall. Svalbard 2017. Arctic-Lights-AnttiAutti-Svalbard-RamiHanafi-7061786-1080 Antti Autti. Svalbard 2017. Arctic-Lights-RoopeTonteri-Svalbard-RamiHanafi-1898-1080 Arctic-Lights-RoopeTonteri-Svalbard-RamiHanafi-3468-1080 Arctic-Lights-AnttiAutti-Svalbard-RamiHanafi-1818-1080 Antti Autti. Svalbard 2017. Arctic-Lights-AnttiAutti-Svalbard-RamiHanafi-2254-1080

Watch also: Arctic Lights: Antti Autti’s Endless Playground


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