The Caesar vs. Bloody Mary debate really has nothing to do with the event held last week up at Sunshine Village with SRD, Snowboy, and Salomon…  but the three things all require a bit of special sauce. Whether it is clamato, tomato, or whatever two of the Westbury TRIPLETS have cooking up, It Came From The Village is undeniably a good chaser to the winter in Alberta. A three-day jam with all the dressing (custom-built park, a huge crew, good weather, what else do you need?). Entering it’s fourth year, we decided to have a semi-informative text chat with it’s co-creator, Finn Westbury, after we skipped town a day before the gathering started. Questions and answers below. – Mark Clavin

Salomon Sunshine Village
El Finn. p: Tommy Berlin

What is better, a Bloody Mary or a Caesar?
Without a doubt a Caesar…. They’re all around a better bev than a Bloody. Clamato juice makes all the difference. Plus, they are invented here in Calgary so that helps. 

And what does the Caesar have to do with It Came From The Village?
Most of us who went like to drink ‘em. I’d estimate 95 percent of us prefer Caesar over bloody. Maybe more. 

This is the fourth year of the event? What is so special about doing this at Sunshine?
It is! Big 4.0. Sunshine is the best. It’s hard to put into words honestly! You’re up in this lil’ pocket of the Rocky Mountains. When it’s sunny out – which it was this past year – it’s pretty mind blowing. Then Sunshine management is down for us to build a crazy set ups and invite all our friends. It’s the perfect storm.

2 out of 3. JJ Westbury with some alone time away from his siblings. p: Berlin

Best thing you saw?
My mom came up the last day. MVP. We didn’t get her a clip this year but there is always next year. 

If this event is your baby, is it like your mom’s grandbaby? 
You might be onto something. Honestly, shout out my mom haha she’s an event person. She’s been putting on events for years and her insight is always appreciated. Science is a bit different than snowboarding but she’s the inspo for sure. She started this Calgary-wide festival almost 10 years ago that’s still going strong. She’s making science cool. 

Did she design the layout this year?
We all did!! Collab. It’s a process with the Snowboy team, the Sunshine park builders and then all of us at SRD. We draw features over the year and just jam it all together. The perfect storm.

And remind me, do you handout awards for this one?
Do you want an award for flying out the day it started? The near miss award. That’s our first award. Our second award goes to JJ because he had to work at 8am the day after and he didn’t get mad when we came back to the hotel at like 3. 

Taco? We thought this was a method. p: Zuzy Rocka

But no. We like making jokes about “rider of the day”. Not grounded in anything but humour. We just go crazy, full free-for-all. The challenge is if you can drink enough water and eat enough food to not feel like you’re gunna pass out on the drive back to Banff. 

Do you feel like there are more events than usual this winter?
I think there’s some truth there! We are at an interesting point with Covid that I think most stuff has been able to go down again. Do you think that there is more events? 

I feel like there have been a ton this winter. Maybe with the Mystery Series, Erik’s Core events, Be Somebody, Cheddar Tour, Heavy Metal, SEEN meetups, Bomb Hole cup … it seems like every weekend this year had something. 
Yeah! We couldn’t do our event the past two years but it’s at a point that events are happening again! People are vaxxed, can travel more freely. Which is epic. 

How was the turnout? 
It was amazing! A hundred people confirmed I think, maybe more.

What you got going on for the rest of this late winter push? 
Trying to get the most out of the rest of winter. We have Bowly coming down the pipes soon! Big month up at Sunshine Village. Then I’ll bounce back out to the West Coast – I just moved to Vancouver! Hood is a lot closer so I’d like to venture down there if possible.

Anyone to thank? 
You, of course! Mary and the Snowboard crew. It was real nice having y’all out here. (Editor’s Note: We hung out with Finn and the Rude Girls the week before the event, but we will be at the Village next year!) Snowboy, Sunshine, Salomon, and everyone flyin’ the SRD flag!