We spent a few weeks with this crew filming last winter, and the final product by director/filmer Brendon Hupp is an outstanding look into everything that went down. Spending half their winter all over the U.S. (Utah, Washington, Pittsburgh) and half bouncing around Europe (Switzerland, Finland with Tommy Gesme, France), FOYER, was supposed to be just the beginning for the new core crew over at Salomon, but this project is a solid standout on its own. Featuring Blake Moller, Luke Lund, Johan Nordhag, Emma Crosby, and Gian Sutter, you will be seeing these names on marquees for years to come. Enjoy the movie, with a special appearance from Tommy Gesme, and keep an eye out for BTS videos, interviews and more dropping this week!

The Foyer crew visiting the Salomon office in Annecy. p: Clavin

From Salomon:
The entrance to a home is what gives newcomers a first impression. It’s a place to hang your coat and drop your shoes while acclimating to the warm, interior environment. FOYER is a short movie welcoming the entrance of five talented snowboarders to the Salomon household. THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT.