My Ikon: My Ride with Russell Winfield

From our friends over at Ikon:

Today marks the release of the latest video from the “My Ikon” series, now available on the Lifted blog and throughout all Ikon Pass social media channels. “My Ikon: My Ride” was filmed this season at Palisades Tahoe, Stratton, Crystal Mountain, and Big Bear Mountain Resort and follows legendary snowboarder Russell Winfield and rider LJ Henriquez on their mission to normalize diversity in the mountains and encourage others to join the culture of snowboarding that they love so much. 

Russell Winfield is the first professional Black snowboarder. He grew up playing hockey in New York and learned to snowboard at Stratton. After moving across the country and riding nearly every bucket list destination, he realized the impact he had on the sport and decided to push his love for snowboarding into a new generation of hopeful kids. 

One of these hopeful snowboarders is LJ Henriquez – another East Coaster born in NYC with a natural talent for snowboarding. The 14-year-old has already started to climb the ladder in snowboarding, dropping videos on social media, and helping inspire others the way Russell has inspired and mentored him.  

Despite their age difference, their shared love for the sport and East Coast beginnings tie them together in this inspiring video. The short film serves as a way for them to speak to the snowboard community and encourages others to follow their dreams.  

Ikon Pass joins their efforts to diversify the snowboarding community and made a monetary donation to the Virgil Abloh Post-Modern Scholarship Fund & SHRED Foundation on behalf of Russell and LJ.  


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