“We really want to be a part of this community, we want to be a part of snowboarding forever. ” – Pat Moore (on him and his family). 

Mr. Plant has found a new home with Arbor and it looks like he will fit right in. 

From Arbor:
If you were going to pick up the phone and call Snowboarding, Pat Moore would answer. He is the amplifier, the landline, and the crisp, clear, connection that comes from dues paid, decades of experience, and confidence rooted in a pure and mature love for snowboarding. When you call Snowboarding and Pat picks up, you are certain to be met with a warm response because his tone is always just right.

The Northeast native, Tahoe-based buzzard is a steward of Snowboarding’s culture and he continues on his path growing, encouraging, and inspiring the next generation in his riding, events, and presence.

Collectively, we embark on a new chapter of being a part of snowboarding forever and there is no one else we would rather do this with.