It isn’t the same.

Several weeks ago, a website began circulating through social media that featured nothing but a countdown and a familiar visuals from Rage Against The Machine. Seeing the fist, the star, in my mind I heard the growl from Zack de la Rocha in one of my personal favorites, “Fistful of Steel.” Raw frustration, pure discontent. RATM marked a tipping point early in my life to begin treading the murky waters of media, to absorb information and observe the political discourse. Naturally, a possible revival of the militant poet left me anxious as hell to see how this group was going to return to glory during an election year when we need them most.

Then came June 1st and the Prophets Of Rage. Chuck D and DJ Lord of Public Enemy, B-Real of Cypress Hill, accompanied with RATM mainstays Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk. No de la Rosha.

What the fuck?

Honestly they seem tired. I respect the idea, I want it to work. But trying to imagine Chuck D express the anger for “Wake Up,” it puts me to sleep. De la Rocha’s absence is a gaping hole in an ensemble that could have sparked a fire that we so desperately need to bring meaningful conversation to pop culture. What can be attributed to the RATM frontman’s absence is still under speculation, as he is known to fly under the radar, but his former bandmates said they did talk to him and he wished them the best.

I’m going to give Prophets a chance because the intentions are there. We must be informed, we must be aware of what is happening in our elections, and I am all for any effort to get people involved. I just can’t look past the shame of the person with true rage is missing from Prophets Of Rage.

If you’re in LA, go scalp some tickets at The Palladium Theater on June 3rd to see if I’m full of shit.