Returning Roots – Arbor’s Reforestation Giveback

Protecting our environment will go along way for all of us enjoying snowboarding for generations to come, Arbor has believed that since the beginning. Always putting a portion of their sales towards environmental conservation, they have been doing much more than just planting trees. That being said, they have always planting a lot of trees:

Koa trees p: Josh Poehlein

“Working alongside the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative, Arbor has helped plant over 500,000 trees.”

p: Josh Poehlein p: Josh Poehlein

But forest reforestation is more than just that. Arbor gives back and helps support the community surrounding their longstanding  Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative with their Returning Roots program focusing on the famed Koa forests with history tracing back to early surfing on the islands. Enjoy a quick trip with Marie-France Roy and Bryan Iguchi as they learn a bit more from Jason Hoopai and others involved on the ground in Hawaii. 


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