“This film, to me, is like improv jazz. It’s spontaneous snowboarding that was composed on the spot” – Austen

Baker local Austen Sweetin always, and we mean always, delivers in his annual video offerings with Quik and filmmaker Sean Lucey. Austen’s combination of power, energy, and finesse is both raw and melodic; he’s one of the most brilliant boarders to watch make his way down a fall line. Blur is the latest in the Sweetin x Lucey cannon and it is another one that we’ll be watching on repeat throughout this season.

Featuring Austen Sweetin, Phil Hansen, Jamie Lynn, Chris Rasman, Blake Paul, Jared Elston, Mason Lemery, Matt Belzile, Jody Wachniak.

BLUR: a film by Austen Sweetin and Sean Lucey, presented by Quiksilver.