Shaun White performs at the Santos Party House in lower Manhattan

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If you hadn’t heard, Shaun White isn’t just “the best snowboarder on the planet,” he’s also lead guitarist of Bad Things, a rock band that just kicked off a 12 stop tour through the East Coast.

The band’s debut was at the Santos Party House in lower Manhattan for the first stop of the tour in which Shaun White’s appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman aired directly after. You could say he’s killing it…

As I follow pretty much every damn thing that happens on twitter, and through various clicks of my mouse while looking like I’m actually working, I came across this photo of Shaun performing, which in turn makes me actually working.

Yes, you’re going to have to actually click the link to see the photo because Instagramer @24ktgoldberger’s (NBC Olympic researcher Alex Goldberger) account is private. Lame? Indeed. Doesn’t he know you don’t get mass amounts of followers and sell out with a private account? #fail

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