The Interior Plain Project presents the Berserker Collection

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Each year, The Interior Plain Project treats the release of their new line of snowboards and apparel as a new direction of thinking. This “collection” approach to design keeps the brand’s image fresh and evolving, just as every winter brings forth original experiences and thought. For the Berserker Collection, The Interior Plain Project is drawing upon graphical influences from skate, comic and magna cultures and references the visual styles of snowboarding’s origins. In with the new, revisit the old.

Look for new The Interior Plain Project snowboards and apparel in your nearby boardshop this fall. Support local.


From The Interior Plain Project’s Vimeo:

Collection three, titled Berserker, pays tribute to the illustration styles of skateboard/comic/manga graphics while the moving visual draws from the original team videos of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. The Berserker Short is set to realease this Fall in hand with our new line of boards and apparel.

Filmed on location at Trollhaugen.

Song by Radkey / Romance Dawn

Filmed and Edited by Eric Schleicher

Additional Filming Brett Spurr, Josh Becker, Daniel Tyler, T.C. Worley, Sam Duncan, and Craig Williams

Photography By Ryan Taylor, Sam Merkel, and Robbie Frank


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