Volcom rebrands to “True to This”, releases The Spiritual Intoxication

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Reflecting a turning point in the continued evolution of its brand, Volcom has reframed its core tagline to one that honors its 23-year history while underscoring the brand’s future direction and global consumer base. “True To This” is the company’s new unifying message that will accompany a renewed visual direction and modernize one of the most recognizable and revered board-sport and lifestyle brands.

“Volcom has undergone an extensive transformation over the past several years and our new brand identity is yet another action that compliments and expresses our core values as we start our next chapter,” said Chief Executive Officer Jason Steris. “The goal for us is to build on the foundation of board riding and to deliver a focused global message that will remain unique, authentic and connect with the millennial consumer.” Steris noted that the company’s iconic black and white Stone logo will not change.

In its early years the Volcom ethos claimed freedom from established norms through self-expression in board-sports, art, music and film. The inherent subtext was a message of authenticity and relentless passion that aimed to drive athletes and artists to ever higher levels of all-consuming competition or creativity. This now forms the new foundation for the brand as the generation that formerly embraced an independent anti-establishment is succeeded by one that is driven to be increasingly connected and determined to build a better future.

“There are finite moments of consciousness that occur when what we are doing at that very moment perfectly aligns with who we are, creating a feeling of exhilaration that is deeply personal,” said Ryan Immegart, Senior Vice President of Global Marking. “Athletes, artists and musicians experience this momentary idyllic state when all of the training, practice and hard work translate to moments of pure presence and clarity. We call these moments of spiritual intoxication, places in time when one is completely and wholly consumed. This spiritual state is the essence of our ‘True To This’ message.”


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