Rome 23/24 winter snowboards

We don’t know about rich men North of Richmond, but we do know a crew in Waterbury, VT that just dropped their new winter line right here! With plenty to write about (which we did in our Platinum Picks), Rome has some heat coming off the press this year with the most anticipated probably being the Rene-Gade. A freestyle machine, Rene Rinnekangas now has a cambered board to match his riding style, but that is not the only highlight to keep an eye out for the 23/24 drop. The Agent Pro (a tech-packed twin) makes its debut this year as well, alongside the new Hype which will soon be joining the ranks of celebrated decks like the Muse and Ravine. On the powder side, the Stale Fish has been reshaped and you know they have been in the lab with the 3D-printer creating new straps and shapes for their world-class binding line.

Rene on the Rene-Gade. p: Tatu Toivanen

Known for iconic graphics over the years, the new offerings seem to have a bit more of a relaxed imagery than in the past, but don’t mistake that for less impactful. This might be our favorite graphics of the year. An original look for each, you can tell the board and binding line seem to have a thread running through them all besides the fact they are stamped with the four same letters. A touch in the collection we love now seeing the full reveal. And there is even more to dive into when you get to the boots.

A facelift on the Libertine, as well as the Bodega, both highly-regarded boots will keep you on the mountain longer than most on the market. Don’t believe us? You don’t have to. We take the time to test the gear, but we aren’t pros. Watch the team destroy in all conditions and all their latest gear below.

Plenty more is on the way from this collection including a few deep dives on select pieces, so keep an eye out or hit us up on social if you have any questions.