Second week of October and Mt. Bachelor is getting graced with the early signs of winter. With almost exactly two months until the Dirksen Derby, Mother Nature is hard at work in the PNW laying the stage for those beloved banked turns (as well as everything else Bachelor offers up in a winter, of course).

Images of picnic tables stacked with snow may not make sense to some folks but if you’re here reading this, you are likely of the ilk for whom excitement churns when you see that base area white stuff. October and the flakes are already at the bottom of the mountain. Let’s go! Mt. Bachelor is known to have a long season and this precursor to the lifts kicking things off on November 24th is the stuff that starts to raise the hairs on your arms.

In addition to the season coming soon, Mt. Bachelor just announced that starting in January 2024, they will offer discounted $99 lift tickets every Thursday, with five dollars from every ticket purchase going directly to a different local non-profit as a part of Mt. Bachelor’s Play Forever initiative.

From Mt. Bachelor:
Between in-kind and monetary donations, over $600,000 was contributed to local non-profit
organizations throughout the 22/23 season, focusing on the environment, local community
relief, and inclusion in outdoor sports. For 23/24, Mt. Bachelor is dedicated to keeping waste
out of the landfill and will be implementing staffed waste sorting stations at our restaurants to
help improve these recycling efforts. Through the Play Forever initiative, Mt. Bachelor will also
be expanding on partnerships with local non-profits like Vamonos Outside, The Environmental
Center, Upper Deschutes Watershed Council, among others.

A good opportunity to donate to a good cause while making turns, keep Thursdays at Bachelor in mind when planning out your PTO or thinking up excuses to tell your boss for playing hooky. Even if he finds out you skimped on work, you were doing good for the community!