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What a time to be alive. Rumors of a snowboard league from Shaun White surfaced over the past two weeks and now X Games announces a league of their own (with Chloe Kim, Diplo and more investing)? Is someone trying to get out in front of its competitor? Are we seeing a Scotty James vs. Shaun White battle out of the pipe and into the business realm? Will Travis Rice and Natural Selection keep up as these two fellow juggernauts try to launch new contest circuits? Is four stops enough to call it a league? WHERE IS ALL THE MONEY COMING FROM?! It looks like they are returning to the multi-stop X Games of the past with a twist? There are a lot of questions, and so far, not many answers. Just press releases. Hopefully, this isn’t just smoke and all these ventures find a big audience and get up and running.

X Games just dropped their league announcement with two posts on Instagram below:

In all honesty, the text slides seem a bit rushed for such a big announcement from a storied brand, but in the age of social media and oversharing, maybe we are reading too much into that. The website press drop feels a bit more official. Scotty James has been on board with the new investors for a little over a year now, and it looks like things are shaking up. Press release from the site below:

“June 13, 2024 – New York, NY – X Games, the leading action sports competition for 30 years, will introduce a bold, new global, team-based format in 2026. Backed by MSP Sports Capital (MSP), a Najafi Cos. portfolio company, the X Games League (XGL) will provide a year-round international competition calendar for X Games that will enable athletes to earn compensation beyond the $2.4 million already awarded through existing prize purses.

“In essence, we’ve used Formula One as a model for this new X Games League,” said Jeff Moorad, Executive Chairman of X Games and Principal of MSP Sports Capital. “To that end, we are creating a year-round calendar and introducing new commercial opportunities to accelerate the overall growth of X Games. These opportunities will provide a secure and sustainable future for our most important stakeholders – the athletes. By leveraging the incredibly valuable X Games brand, we will create a durable, global business that will be good for athletes, fans, investors and sponsors.”


…and will be composed of athletes from multiple disciplines who will compete for individual and team points to earn both individual and team prize purses.

MSP and X Games will secure investors for these new teams. Team investors and XGL athletes will have a platform from which to build and generate additional revenue streams via sponsorships and team-specific merchandise. In an industry first, XGL athletes will be provided with a level of stability that includes guaranteed compensation as well as new commercial opportunities.

X Games will continue to embrace the seasonal nature of action sports, introducing both a Summer XGL and a Winter XGL – each initially composed of four global events and a minimum of four teams, with plans to grow from there. The competition schedules will include X Games signature events as well as strategic collaborations with existing competitions.

“The athletes have always been at the heart of X Games,” said Scott Guglielmino, President & COO of X Games. “This new consistent league and team structure will provide more opportunities for athletes to compete and thrive commercially, and their fans will have more opportunities to see and support their favorite athletes and teams year-round. We’ve been developing this since MSP invested in the property and key stakeholders throughout the industry, including athletes, have been very supportive.” added SCOTTY JAMES, X GAMES STRATEGIC ADVISOR…

…and nine-time medalist, “As both an active athlete and an advisor for X Games, I’m excited about the opportunities this new format presents. The long-term vision not only aims to grow action sports on a global level, but also provide athletes with greater security than ever before. For the first time, we will be able to focus on performance while benefiting from a stable and sustainable career path in action sports.”

In addition to James, X Games current investors include two-time Olympic Gold Medalist and seven-time X-Games Gold Medalist Chloe Kim, Grammy Award-winning producer and DJ Diplo, and gaming superstar Ninja. X Games has already seen significant audience growth under MSP leadership in the past 12 months, including 113% growth in streaming audiences and 1.6 million new social followers.

Advising X Games in the league formation is international law firm Proskauer Rose LLP – the leader in representing both well-established and emerging sports leagues, teams and investors worldwide. MSP Sports Capital assumed ownership of X Games in October 2022, with ESPN retaining a minority share.”

While it looks like we will have to wait until 2026 to see it come to fruition, this is pretty big news and could bring plenty more eyeballs to action sports soon.