Early birds might get the worm but we prefer to procrastinate and score pow. Say what you want about slow starts and off years, but this past month just went on record as the snowiest in two decades up at Bear Mountain. Don’t believe us? Here is a chart.

With about two feet dropping in the last 48 hours, the resort is about to record over 100″ of snow in February and has plenty of powder clips to prove it. It has dropped a foot more of snow compared to last year, and quintuple (5x) the amount looking at Winter 2021. If you haven’t seen the updates on Bear’s social media or any of the clips that riders have been dropping from the famed resort the past few weeks, you are missing out.

All this to also boast a few sunny days, including today with warm temps ready for hours of lapping. We have been eagerly waiting for the pow episodes of Sunday In The Park, but the pure park laps have been pretty entertaining as well.

WINTER HAS FINALLY ARRIVED and it is turning out to be quite a good one. Temperatures in the mid 40s will be rolling through this weekend so get on up there and enjoy. If you can’t make it or aren’t in the Southern California area, keep an eye out for the next Sunday in the park rolling out right here every week.