Breaking news: Windells is now a ski-only camp

When an announcement was made last year regarding the merger between High Cascade and Windells into We Are Camp, I knew that it was only a matter of time before I would be publishing this press release. High Cascade has always been 100% snowboarding and now that Windells has followed suit on the ski side, it creates a true distinction between the two brands that has been missing since the merger. However, it will be interesting to see how the relationship between the campers at each camp changes during the coming summer.

Official Release from We Are Camp:

You won’t see this sight anymore at Windells, which has transitioned to a ski-only camp. Photo courtesy of Windells.

Over the past two decades, Windells and High Cascade have emerged as two of the biggest and most respected ski and snowboard camps in the world. Today, the brands detailed their “Authentic Camp Experience” strategy, which effectively focuses the Windells brand on skiing with High Cascade continuing its commitment to 100% snowboarding.

By dedicating itself to sport-specific lifestyle programs, We Are Camp is deepening its commitment to providing the best camper experience possible. “High Cascade campers will continue to have coaches and counselors who are snowboarders and they will continue to ride in a snowboard-specific terrain park. At Windells, we’re following suit to shape a pure ski experience and, for the first time ever, will offer a park dedicated solely to skiing,” said Tim Windell, founder of Windells Camp. Leading the charge to refine its focus and strengthens its dedication to skiing will be longtime Windells employee and accomplished freeski judge, Jason Arens, who was recently brought on as its new Director of Marketing.

“Windells is unique in the breadth of talent that seems to come through consistently,” said Doug Bishop. He continued, saying “It’s a place that’s a right of passage for any new skier coming up through the ranks. In the future, with the new focus on skiing, I see this reinforcing to levels never before imagined. The staff is going to be the who’s who of current and breaking talent.”

This sentiment is echoed in the snowboard community as well. “Everyone at High Cascade rides, so as a snowboarder you know you are in an authentic environment created by like-minded people. This attitude comes across from the cooks to the coaches, and I feel is why the campers keep coming back and the experience has started to get passed down from one generation to the next,” said Pat Bridges.

Following today’s announcement, High Cascade and Windells will operate their own sport-specific terrain parks while also sharing a private 22’ SuperPipe, Lap Park™, and multiple BagJump™ features. Skiers and snowboarders will also have opportunity to interact with each other at the Windells Campus in Welches, OR. English added, “Snowboard campers will continue to have the option to stay in Government Camp, the summer snowboard mecca since 1990, but will also have the opportunity to stay on the Windells private campus just down the hill in Welches.”


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