Over the past few years, Kings & Queens of Corbet’s has been adding to its roster of snowboarders vying for the title at Jackson Hole. Last year, Madison Blackley was crowned Queen of Corbet’s. Red Bull just announced the invited rider list. Here’s the info.

Men’s Snowboard
Cooper Branham
Grant Giller
Cam Fitzpatrick
Hans Mindnich
Yuki Kadono
Nial Romanek
Chase Blackwell
Ryan Wachendorfer

Women’s Snowboard
Audrey Hebert
Madison Blackley
Marissa Krawczack

These individuals will be up against a crew of male and female skiers, as this is one of the only events that combines both endeavors in one competition. Kings & Queens of Corbet’s will be broadcast on Red Bull TV during the competition window, February 12-18, 2022.

For complete details on Kings & Queens of Corbet’s ski and snowboard invitational, please visit https://www.redbull.com/us-en/events/kings-and-queens-of-corbets/.