Women Knuckle Huck X Games Kokomo Murase Salomon

We are back on the couch and back stuck watching Youtube commercials pop up randomly throughout X Games contests. At least on TV they have a rhythm to it, if I get one more ad for a medication that I googled on Web MD a month ago, I am going to lose it. But we are here nonetheless. X Games Aspen day two kicked off with Women’s Knuckle Huck on the snowboard side and after holding the top spot for a majority of the contest, Egan Wint ended up in third with slopestyle heavies Annika Morgan and Kokomo Murase taking second and first respectively. All in all, the inaugural women’s showing in knuckle huck was a bit quieter than we hoped, but it is an odd event that people seem to kinda dip their feet into before they get comfortable. So pretty understandable.

A few big names were missing like every final that has gone down so far. Jamie Anderson was originally on the start sheet, she opted out of the contest and hung with her daughter at the top. Mia Brookes was not on the final start list either although she was listed originally for the discipline on the invite list. On a positive note, Kokomo and Annika traded some pretty big launches off the knuckle in an attempt to reach the flat bottom safely to the delight of the crowd. Ellie Weiler put on for her home state of Colorado and Iris Pham put down a few tricks before she jumps over to compete in the Street Style later today. We can’t wait to see how this one keeps transforming and what the women throw down next year. More coming from X soon.

A quick look at Kokomo’s silver medal run from Slopestyle as well: