Back on March 11, 2023 we posted a story explaining that Mammoth Mountain was on pace to break its all-time snowfall record of 668 inches. At that time, Mammoth measured 569 inches of snow at Main Lodge, and the upcoming storm was predicting 100-plus inches to bring the resort close to the record. Well, less than two weeks have passed and Mammoth is now reporting 667 inches and requires only 2 more inches to officially break the record of snowiest season to date.

Now, radar is showing a pending blizzard will likely hit on Tuesday, March 25th. Snow accumulation from that storm will inevitably push Mammoth past the record.

So, 667 inches is the current snow-depth measurement at Main Lodge. To put this into perspective, that equates to over 55 feet of snow. To emphasize that, 55 feet of snow. The three-story sundeck of the lodge, which normally requires guests to walk up two flights of stairs to reach is currently a 10-15 foot walk downward to level out and access Tusks Bar.

Not to mention, there’s even more snow at the summit. To date, Mammoth reports 840 inches up top. That’s, ahem, over 70 feet of snow.

Local legend, retired pro, and former US Olympic assistant snowboard coach Dustin Del Giudice was born and raised in Mammoth Lakes and claims, “I’ve never seen this much snow in my lifetime.” Dustin has seen and lived through it all, including the massive winters of the 80s, as well as the current record 2010-11 season. Dustin and his family now seek refuge from endless snow shoveling by taking residence in Bishop, CA and where they own/operate the best coffee south of Seattle, the Looney Bean.

This has been a monumental winter season for Mammoth–the resort has already announced operations will run into July–and with the amount of snow that keeps coming, perhaps, this could be the mountain’s first ever 365 day season? Only time will tell.