At this point, you have surely seen the devastating flooding that affected Vermont earlier this month. Communities across the state are currently rebuilding after substantial damage affected both business and homes. In the Northern Vermont town of Waterbury, the home of Rome Snowboards, the rains swelled the Winooski River and caused severe damage throughout the area.

Luckily, the Rome offices were spared, but the community needs help to get back on its feet. The Vermont Main Street Flood Recovery program is providing grants to businesses and further support goes a long way.

Rome has just announced that now through August 2nd, 10% of all of their online sales will be donated to this fund.

From Rome:
As many of you have seen, Vermont and many parts of New England were hit by raging flood waters that devastated many homeowners and businesses.

While our Waterbury, VT office was thankfully unharmed, many of our neighbors and local businesses were not so lucky.

From now until August 2nd we are pleased to announce that 10% of our online sales will be donated to the Vermont Main Street Flood Recovery program. This non-profit will be facilitating grants to help local businesses get back on their feet.

Cheers from our brave little state.

Head to if you are in need of anything, from a board to a hoodie. Every little bit helps!