2013 SIA Snow Show wraps up in Denver with a first look at the best products of 2014

As Saturday comes to an end, so does our coverage of the 2013 SIA Snow Show. As you’ve seen over the past few days this year’s show has been one of the best as we scoped out the best of next years products, hung out with athletes, collected as much free swag as we possibly could and parties our asses off.

Stay tuned this week as we’ll be bringing you a full video recap of the entire show to give you a feel of what it’s like to attend the greatest trade show on Earth. With athlete interviews and product reviews from the people behind the scenes at your favorite brand, you’ll get an inside look at what goes down at the SIA Snow Show in Denver, Colorado.

Here are some highlights from day 3:

Spark R&D has created two new splitboard bindings that use the new tesla system for a fast, easy, pin-less way to make your splitboard experience that much better and with the new tech comes a much lighter binding that helps shred unnecessary weight when in the backcountry.

Zeal Optics has brought their plant based Z-resin from its sunglass line to its goggle line to help further minimize impact on the environment. Along with keeping it green, Zeal has upped the ante with the 2014 Zeal HD Camera goggle as they increase from an 8mp camera to a 12mp camera along with an increase in frame rate from 60fps to 120fps to keep your slow-mo shots looking crisp. Lastly, Zeal as introduced a new goggle, the Fargo, with a crisp new design and polar chromatic lens so you never have to worry about having the correct lens when the weather changes.

BCA introduced the new pocket friendly Tracker 3 beacon and new BC Link. Two pieces of equipment you shouldn’t head into the backcountry without. The new BC Link takes the hassel out of using a radio to communicate by creating a remote speaker and mic with controls built into it so you never have to fumble through your pockets to find your radio.

Union steps up its game with two new bindings for new team riders Travis Rice and Kazu Kokubo. If there’s any two riders who deserve their own bindings it’s these two. Travis’ biding will come in two colors, one murdered out in all black and another that fuses yellow and black seamlessly to create one good looking binding. We expect these to fly of the shelves.

Continue with the mighty Mr. Rice, DC introduces its 2014 Travis Rice pro model boot. Along with his biding, his new boot looks killer and is sure to perform perfectly, something Travis requires while blowing minds in the backcountry.

Smith Optics introduced a new goggle collab with Austin Smith and Polar to bring you a sleek new trilaboration that is sure to turn heads. Along with the trilab, Smith dropped their new goggle frame on us, the Vice, that is a bit less expensive than the always popular I/O.

Lastly, MTN Approach has taken its popular backcountry approach skis and added some beautiful graphics from the one and only Brian Iguchi. The only problem with this, you’ll want to hang them on your wall as a collectors item. But don’t, Guch would rather have you shredding pow.

Well that wraps up our coverage from SIA 2013. Thanks for following along as we highlight the best products of 2014. If you missed any of the previous day’s coverage make sure to check out the full SIA Snow Show day 2 coverage and the SIA Snow Show day 1 coverage for a full view of what’s to come.

Next stop is Winter Park for the on snow demo. Stay tuned to our instagram account for daily updates as we test out next year’s gear.


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