2017 snowboard product preview: Live from SIA, day four

Well, SIA was fun, but praise Jah it’s over. Sunday at the Colorado Convention center is always weird. Post-bender anxiety is setting in, energy levels are at an all-time low and people are generally over it. But our mission was not complete, so we stumbled back onto the tradeshow floor and found more cool products — and more shitty ones. We just didn’t include those in this post.

Salomon is sliding into 2017 with some new additions. Bode Merrill’s Man’s Board is being replaced by the Ultimate Ride, which is a similar cambered twin profile with a directional outline. Which of Bode’s pro models is more macho? Who’s to say? For the ladies, there is a new model in the line called the Rumble Fish, based on the profile of the popular Assassin.

Owner Operator has stepped it up big time for the coming season with 3L fabrics, sealed zippers, a sweet sweatsuit with a nylon butt and a lightweight, insulated jacket that feels like you’re wearing a sleeping bag.

United Shapes is offering a new board and a consistent paint splatter aesthetic across the entire line. Both United Shapes and Owner Operator are gaining steam worth a look if you’re unfamiliar.

MyPakage is introducing merino wool into their already phenomenally comfortable underwear. The coming season brings a pair of pajama pants to the line, but they still have the signature pouch, which might make them weird to wear around, unless you’re into showing off your… package. But it’s not my package, so do what you want with it. The slim — but not skin tight — cut would make them an ideal baselayer.

Dragon isn’t introducing any new frames for the coming season, but they are bringing Transitions™ photochromic lens-changing technology to the cylindrically-framed NFXS. Bryan Iguchi and Gigi will both have a signature colorway in the X2 and there is a Lick The Cat edition in the NFX2. There are also Forest Bailey and Davis Davis signature editions of the NFX2.

That’s it. We’re out. Time to head to the mountains and ride these fourteen inches that are currently falling.

Check out what we saw at SIA day oneday two and day three.

And stay tuned for a post on the best products we saw during our time here at the tradeshow in Denver.


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