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It was a big year for Blake. So big, we actually already interviewed him after winning the Freeride World Tour. But he has plenty going on, including a full part in the new Salomon movie, Foyer, and another part in the upcoming Moving Forward with the same brand. Honestly, it makes sense that he does so much because he is never in the same place when we reach out to him. The Colorado-turned-SLC-turned-Southern California current resident is always on a surf trip in Puerto Rico, or climbing in CO, or bouncing between Salt Lake and Southern California. This time we talked he was on his way to wine country. Meeting up with him for a few weeks this past winter, I know first hand he endured plenty of sub par conditions and still came out with a hat trick of appearances showing the world what he is capable of. Just like the rest of the rising starts in Foyer, Blake is just beginning, and we can’t wait to see where he ends up. Read on for a quick breakdown of his season, and what type of wine you should pair with chicken. – Mark Clavin 

Rock, paper, stomp. Blake and Johan Nordhag for Foyer. p: Clavin

Name: Blake Moller AKA BMo
Home Mountain: Beaver Creek, CO
Stance: Regular

You back in Southern California?
No, I’m in Santa Cruz right now. We’re hitting Napa Valley tomorrow with my buddies though and just stopped here on the way to surf. 

And then back to snowboarding? 
Yeah, back to SLC in like 5 days. 

How are the waves in Santa Cruz?
Waves are sick out here. Top 3 sessions of my life yesterday. Little Napa valley wine tasting tomorrow is gonna go crazy.

Blake in Interlachen. p: Clavin

You a white or red wine drinker? 
If you asked me that a year ago I woulda said white but red has been hitting different recently. Little pasta dish as the main. 

What’s caused the maturation of your taste buds? A summer in Oceanside, CA?
I think it was my homie Adam Skelly. He’s this insane chef and always cooks up something fire.

Not all the months you traveled in Europe for Foyer or for FWT? 
True, maybe that a little too, actually.

Would you ever pair a red wine with fish? 
Not red, Isn’t it best with white? 

You’re the wine expert. 
Let’s go white whine with the fish. 

And what goes with chicken?
I feel like red would be chill. Maybe like a chicken parm. 

Alright, according to the internet, spicy food is the hardest to pair, what would you recommend for a spicy dish? 
Oh dude, I can’t deal with spicy food…  but I’m gonna say something Thai cause that’s where I’ve gotten fucked over with spice the heaviest. 

No, I mean red or white wine! 
Oh hahahah, I have no idea. Maybe white, feel like red could be kinda crazy with spice but I’ll let you know for sure after this Napa valley tour. 

(Two days later) Alright, what do you like better, backcountry or winecountry?
Hahaha shit, depends on how I’m riding. Way easier to sit there and drink really good wine. 

Did you learn anything more while you were up there?
No I actually didn’t learn anything about wine really.

As free ride world champ, you have rode in a good amount of places, what is your favorite place to ride? 
Favorite place to ride is Verbier, Switzerland hands down. The place is the most elite.

Grindelwald, Switzerland. p: Clavin

Favorite trip for Foyer? 
Definitely Europe. It was pretty sick. Everything just lined up perfectly filming with Foyer, the other Salomon film Moving Forward, and the tour. It could kinda have been a bust with all of those in one trip, but Europe was super sick, probably because the mountains are just next level. We got to check out Gian Sutter’s stomping grounds in Zurich. We posted in Annecy for a little while too, got to see where Perly and Victor live. Annecy was probably my favorite spot in Europe so far. The trains are always lit too, love those.

Any major differences between the US and Euro scene? 
I don’t really know the only difference I know about a Euro rider is if they ride Laax, there’s kinda of a particular Laax stee if you know what I mean? 

When you watch Gian Sutter jump, you just know he’s just raised in the Laax scene and it’s fire. Gian is just goated too, so maybe it’s just that. 

A backflip in France pairs well with anything. p: Clavin

HAHA I don’t know how many people will consider that an explanation. But sounds good. You filmed for two different Salomon projects this year? 
Yeah, that was sick, we went to Switzerland for like six days and hit some resorts around Brig. That was with Emma, Nils, Victor and myself. Filmed by Tom Granier and it’s called Moving Forward. It’s a video all about the Highpath, which is one of Salomon’s new board. 

Is it out?
I’m pretty sure it’s playing before Nils and Bode’s movie on the Space Cadet tour, but I think it comes out online in a couple weeks. 

So you guys actually had good snow on that trip for Moving Forward? 
Yeah, way better than our time in Europe with Foyer. It snowed when we arrived. And then halfway through the trip the forecast said it was gonna snow a little bit, but it dumped on the mountain. We had no idea how much until we saw it and it was such good snow. 

Hows the new board ride? 
I love it, good in deep snow and can handle some rough snow good on everything on the mountain.

What boards did you use while riding for Foyer?
I was on the Highpath the whole time actually. I feel like it’s the perfect board for the way I like to ride. It can be chill and playful and when you need it to be aggressive and turn up. It handles. 

You like ensemble or part based projects? 
I think it’s cool for both. For a project like ours, it made sense because it was a way to get our names out a bit more. But always thought a homie mashup backcountry vid would go really sick. 

Where are your steel clips? 
I would love that actually, would be so fun to do a trip. Every street trip for Foyer the crew went on I had to go do the tour though, so it didn’t work out this season.

What you got going on this upcoming season? 
Think I’m doing some stuff with Keegan (Hosefros) and Jar (Mason Lemry). 

We will keep an eye out. 

Blake Moller Foyer
Why did the chicken cross the road? Don’t know. Blake isn’t a chicken. p: Clavin