Emma Crosby

Emma is everywhere right now. Mags, movies, premieres… you name it, she’s there. Maybe that is why she is currently nursing a cough and we spent the first twenty minutes texting for this interview about primary care doctors vs. minute clinics. But even without a cough, Emma is sick. We hit her up about her full part in the new Salomon movie, FOYER, and her season filming in the U.S. and across the pond with her four up-and-coming teammates. There was little-to-no snow for the European leg (i.e., there was none), but that didn’t stop Emma from making the best of it. She split her time evenly between the mountains and the streets, which comes across in the film, and it is easily her strongest riding to date. Lucky for us, it is all now on full display in Foyer. Read the interview, go watch the movie, and keep an eye out for Emma and what she does next. – Mark Clavin

Foyer Movie Snowboarding Salomon Emma Crosby
Digging for gold in Finland. p: Clavin

M: How was the world premiere?
Emma: It was cool, super sick to have been in salt lake where I’ve lived for a while and where the community is so present. I was standing by my friends who were gassing me up so I couldn’t hear if there were any crickets luckily hahaha. 

You like watching ensemble or full part based project?
I like both, I haven’t really been apart of an ensemble based project but I think they both hit differently.

How was filming with the crew this year? Who brought what to the table?
It was good! Goop (Luke Lund) brought the weed, Bmo (Blake Moller) brought Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jojo (Johan Nordhag) brought the Snus, Hupp (Brendon Hupp) brought the laugh, Gian brought the vision. 

Haha and what did you bring? 
I brought the sass. 

Somewhere in there. p: Clavin

I don’t think you are very sassy? 
I think I kinda am? Hahahah. Maybe by accident. I don’t know, I haven’t drank coffee yet. Brain feels all milky.

What were some of your triumphs filming this year? 
I was so hyped to have just finished a full year of filming haha. I liked learning more and more things. Especially in the backcountry, I feel like this year was a cool learning curve just getting in the mix more than I had ever before

Great answer milk brain! 
These answers gonna be milked up!!

Gross. This is technically your first stand alone full part. How was it splitting and learning from Desiree Melancon last year while filming for Hindsight? 
Yeah, this is the first one. It was actually kind of a dream come true. I looked up to Desiree growing up, so to share a part with her was really special. It was cool to carry that wisdom into this year. 

Emma Crosby
Emma in Switzerland, in the air. p: Clavin

What do you think you carried? 
More confidence, just a little bit of everything. 

What’s the hardest part about filming in the streets and the backcountry? 
Hardest part for me in backcountry snowboarding was getting snow where we were haha! Or rag dolling down the landing! Best part was talking shit building jumps. Hardest part filming street was finding a good place to eat in a place you’ve never been before. Best part was traveling to cool places I hadn’t been. 

How do you balance progressing while also filming a part? Obviously you are pushing and progressing for the clip, but is there always time to build to something new while filming? 
Yeah, no for sure. Jumping for me, I’m more confident trying a new trick with a pow landing, I can at least try a new trick I’ve never tried before with that situation. In the streets I tend to go more on my stock tricks, depending on the spot… but it’s also about being creative. It comes down to the specific spot/scenario, how the legs are feeling, but I think that is what you are asking. Definitely more confident on a jump rather than rails though haha. 

Emma in Finland! p: Clavin

How did you become more confident on jumps coming from Minnesota? 
I was in the contest circuit for a while, rev tour and all that stuff. Just got comfortable on the jumps I think.  

Favorite trip of the year? 
All of them for different reasons, I feel like we got to do a lot of different types of snowboarding on different trips so that was really special. Getting to go to Europe as a collective was the best. 


Besides having no snow in Europe.
Literally anywhere hahaha.

What is it like filming a snowboarding movie with no snow for half the season? 
Hahaha actually was kinda funny by the end I got so used to the same snow amount it was easy to gauge how to land, or how long it would take to build stuff etc . Easy to see rocks too hahaha. 

I saw you battle a few times out in Europe. You think you are more pushed from the crew when you are going for a trick or from your own head?
I wanna board well for my friends around me, and for what we are working towards, but ultimately I want to do the best that I know I can

What did you watch this past season to get you juiced to ride? 
Super Glue, Dreamcastle, and How Dark Blue Feels more just in terms of last year and what I was rewatching that came out. 

p: Clavin

What were your go to boards while filming? 
I rode the Salomon Dancehaul for bigger jumps, I liked that it was wider than what I was used to and made landing easier. And I rode the Rumble Fish in the streets. I use that everyday in the park. It’s stiff but playful. 

What’s it like sharing your name with a 45 year old British tv host? 
Are you talking about the one who’s name is also Emma Crosby? 

Yes, who else would I be talking about? Did you change your name? Do you know two?

So no first class upgrades when flying overseas at all or anything? 
Bahahahaha damn no I wish. I should scheme that more. 

Do you think speaking fluent French helped you get on Salomon? 
Lol. Yes, and definitely even though none of them know. I went to a French immersion school growing up which was pretty awesome. 

Interlaken, Switzerland. p: Clavin

You like the French speaking side or German speaking side of Switzerland more after spending a month there with the crew? 
Damn that’s hard. I can’t be neutral on it? Bahahaha 

Wow, a very Switzerland answer about Switzerland. 

Are you vegetarian? 
No, I’m not, i try to be when I’m cooking for myself though. 

I only asked this so I could bring up the fact you ate my Katz pastrami sandwich in NYC and puked it up. Those are expensive, and you wasted it. 
Dude. Bahahahahaha. 

But I stole the Air B&B key from our last spot in Findland and lost it, so can we call it even? Each is worth about $35. 
Thank god, we can call it even. It’s funny I was just thinking that exact thing

Plans for next season? 
Kennedi Deck and I are going to film a video with Bryden. Little mix of side country and street project.