Foyer Side Chat: Luke Lund and Salomon’s Latest Movie

Calling the youngest of the Foyer crew, Salomon’s Luke Lund, optimistic is an understatement. Come to think of it, I have never seen him without a smile, or a spliff. He is the definition of “go with the flow,” and that really comes across in his riding. Add that to an energy that is a great addition to any session in the streets, build in the backcountry, or hang at the hotel, and you have @goopsurf. When we were all locked out of a particularly seedy motel late at night this past winter in Finland, Luke blasted High School Musical‘s “We’re All In This Together” until everyone’s mood changed for the better. He didn’t really solve the problem, but it was pretty funny. Check out what he has to say below about the year filming for Salomon’s latest project, his time in Salt Lake, and what he plans on doing next. Enjoy. – Mark Clavin

Birthdate: 06.03.01
Home Hill: Mt. Ski Gull, Brainerd, MN
Sponsors: Salomon, L1
Stance: regular

Luke Luke survived weeks on chocolate croissants. p: Clavin

What’s up with you and chocolate croissants? 
They’re elite. Best snack.

Where do you live now? 
Salt Lake until this lake dries up, haha.

You guys call your house anything special?
Yeah, The Lokust. It’s had some pretty awesome gatherings in the past. Lot of heads.

Why “The Locust?”
With a “k”. Mike Rav actually gave it the name. Our house had a few house shows. He came to one and said it was like a swarm of lokusts. Swarming lokust stuck. It’s a lovely household. 

Why a “k”? 
Because of this poster, haha. I’ve never asked questions. It’s Denver Orr’s creative genius. Oh yeah, there’s actually no “t” at the end either. 


How many named houses are there in the Salt Lake? The Dust Box, Lokus, what else? 
You got ‘em. I think that’s it. 

What is the significance of a house getting a name or not? 
I honestly have no idea, but if your house has a name, it’s probably pretty sick. 

Where did Foyer come from? 
Mike [Nauman] came up with that one, I believe. I think it’s the French word for “an entrance.”

Entrance hall. Does the Lokus have a Foyer?
No, we just have a front door!  

Don’t mind the floor. p: Luke

How was the premiere?
Still definitely recovering from the Bryden/Dustbox premiere. 

How does it feel to film a project and have all the footage in the editor’s hands, waiting for the premiere to see how it looks?
It’s kinda crazy when you spend a year working on something, then just kinda wait around to see what the finished product is. But the only two projects I’ve ever filmed for have been with Bryden and Brendon Hupp, and both of those dudes are really sick. Hupp held it down this year. We did get a little glimpse of the video when we were all at Hood, but it wasn’t the finished product. Finally saw it at the premiere. Hupp killed it.

What was it like being the youngest on the crew? 
Pretty chill, although I definitely could tell I had a slight lack of experience with certain shit. Mostly the travel in Europe. It’s not rocket science, but I found myself mad confused dealing with all the train stuff. 

The Foyer crew sans Johan Nordhag. p: Clavin

But you weren’t even the one that almost missed the train when I was there. 
Hahaha. I guess you’re right, B Mo’s [Blake Moller] super loose sometimes. 

Was that your fist time to Europe? 
Yeah it was. I fuckin’ love Europe. 

A-plus on all fronts? 
I would say so, yeah. Switzerland was a little expensive for me, but it’s such a beautiful place. It kind of makes sense when you stop and look around. 

How did it feel to be traveling to Europe for your first official filming project? 
So sick, super grateful for that experience. I will say though, when you’re battling a trick in another country it adds a whole new level of pressure. Like, when are you gonna to be able to come back to Finland to jump on this rail? Probably not for awhile, so you gotta do that shit.

You ever compete? 
Eh, not really, did some rail jams. When I was 14 I did some slopestyle stuff, but I always thought it was pretty whack. 

Luke The caboose. p: Clavin

What’s it like filming for a bigger project rather than just for Instagram? Is there a difference to you?
Haha, there’s definitely a huge difference. I kinda hate Instagram. I think everybody is kinda over it at this point. Filming for an actual project feels cool because we can all watch those videos later in life and be stoked that we were doing cool shit. I feel like you learn a lot about yourself and others filming for an actual project as well. 

How did you get into snowboarding?
I got into skating when I was super young, maybe like 7 or 8. But my older brother, Brian, started snowboarding one winter and I always wanted to do whatever he was doing. So I went up with him and his friends one day and they showed me the ropes. When I was 14, I went to Windells where I met B Mo, and Miles [Fallon]. Then we moved to Colorado with the one and only Al Grogan and spent three or four years there. Then we all hopped on the move-to-Salt-Lake train. 

Salomon Luke in Grindelwald. p: Clavin

What is so special about Salt Lake? 
It’s just really fun. There are a lot of other snowboard scenes that are really dope, but I feel like most of the people I’ve met through snowboarding growing up live in SLC now. Or at least they roll through here every once in awhile. In the winter, there are always people to ride with and in the summer there are always friends to hang out with…so I think it’s pretty special in that way. 

How have you coped with losing Hector’s? 
I haven’t. 

What’s the next best burrito spot in Salt Lake? 
That’s a tough one. There’s this truck in the Smith’s parking lot next to Rose Park that has something special going on. But Hector’s will be missed. 

Best burger? 

Best preseason in Utah.
Bonezone all day. Then Woodies when they open. It’s definitely no Minnesota preseason though.

Minnesota is better? 
Oh yeah. Ropes and jibs. Minnesota is the best spot to be preseason, hands down.

How’s the dating scene while you are on the road traveling all winter? 
Dating scene was not a go last year. We’ll see what happens this winter. 😂 Wasn’t really avoiding it, just wasn’t happening, haha. 

OJC with LL. p: Clavin

What board were you you running while filming? 
I’ve been on Desiree’s board, the Abstract; Super 8 for powder; and the Highpath for other stuff. 

How did you get into your off-season job as an arborist? 
I got into the arbor stuff from a magazine that showed up to our house. Said starting at $18 an hour. Now I climb around trees with a chainsaw, try to make ’em look pretty all over the valley. 

What are you doing this season? 
I don’t really know yet, I should probably figure it out though.

Watch the full movie here! 

Salomon Preview Luke in Switzerland. p: Clavin


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