HMNNTR 4: The Human Nature Exhibit Returns to the Underdog Gallery in London

HMNNTR 4 celebrates the art and artists that makeup snowboarding today.

Continuing in the tradition of the previous Human Nature galleries, HMNNTR 4 celebrates the art and artists that make up snowboarding today. From legendary OGs, to both newcomers and pro snowboarders alike, HMNNTR 4 showcases riders that are as masterful with their paintbrush as they are with their snowboard. In particular, this opening portrays the work of the artists who’ve ideated the graphics on our snowboards, provided the artwork in magazines, and helped shape the art that currently surrounds snowboard culture.

If you are in the London area this Friday, October, 27th, make sure to drop by the Underdog Gallery for your chance to experience this unique presentation. The event will also include a showing of “COSA NOSTRA” from Arbor Snowboards, an exhibition of the new Dragon Alliance Europe X Asymbol collection, and a licensed bar.

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Continue below for the video from last year’s HMNNTR 3 Gallery in Jackson and more details surrounding the upcoming exhibition.


Exibiting artists: Schoph, Kyle Maynard, Jamie Lynn, Bryan Iguchi, Forest Bailey, Danny Larsen, Peter-John De Villiers, Desiree Melancon, Iuna Tinta, Ben Brough, Lucas Beaufort, Mat Savage, Sly Cooley, and Halldor Helgason.

Location: The Underdog Gallery at 6 Crucifix Ln, London SE1 3JW, UK

Time: 6 p.m. to 3 a.m.

Cover charge: £5 cash, with all proceeds going towards The CALMzone.


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