Provisions 025: Products we are stoked on this week

Comfortable shoes from Vans, a new knife, and more.

Spring and summer are nearly here, are you ready for the next season of adventuring? This week in Provisions we look at everything you might need this summer for all of the outdoor exploring ahead of you. From rad new motorcyclves, to instant coffee, to possibly the most comfortable shorts you will ever wear. Don’t forget to check out The 2017 Product Collection or 2017 Interactive Brand Guides while your’e at it. Spring savings are coming up fast and there is no better time to dial in your dream kit.

lululemon Rise ‘N Sweat Short


Once known only for their yoga pants, lululemon is making large strides in taking over the activewear market one garment at a time. The Rise ‘N Sweat Short for men is your new go-anywhere-do-anything active short of choice. Offered in three colorways, with a simplistic clean design, specialty zipped pockets, and all made out of lululemon’s Swift Ultra Light fabric (which is advertised as, “like being in the buff”) you’d be crazy not to buy all three. Seriously, once you try these shorts on you will regret not jumping on the lululemon train earlier.

Buy now: $78

Harley-Davidson Dark Custom Sportster Roadster


Harley introduced their Dark Custom series back in 2008 as a nod to the past with their eyes set on the future. The bikes are largely retro-inspired builds, and feature appropriately blacked-out paint jobs with an appreciation for simplified clean design. Harley-Davidson offers nine different models under the Dark Custom sub-brand, however, Ben Ferguson is seen here ripping the Sportster Roadster. Follow the link below to learn more about the Dark Custom series.

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Alpine Start Instant Coffee


Finally an instant coffee that tastes good. Boulder, Colorado, based brand, Alpine Start Foods, has revolutionized on-the-go coffee for the outdoor enthusiast. Alpine Start Original Blend Instant Coffee dissolves in both hot and cold water, making it the perfect boost of caffeine when you’re on the run, regardless of the season. Not only that, but coming in at just over a $1 a cup we feel confident in saying this is a pretty great deal on top of convenience.

Buy now: $8.99

Vans Mesh ISO 1.5


“If you have ever been to Paris, you know the importance of comfortable walking shoes. Everyone in that city hoofs it from point A to B, which may be influenced by the controlled chaos of driving there (still don’t know how they do it). I was just there for some R&R with my lady, and these shoes were complete salvation for my feet. Ultra comfortable, lightweight, signature Vans look, and don’t scream “SPORTS!” like other shoes in this style. France approved.” – Jens Heig, Editor

Buy Now: $70

James Brand The Chapter


It’s the classic single-blade folder re-imagined. The Chapter from James Brand is the simplest, and most practical, single-blade folder out there. The titanium body has minimal moving parts for ease in maintenance and cleaning, and the semi-stainless steel blade stays sharp while resisting corrosion. For those that carry a blade, this will be the last knife you ever need to buy.

Buy now: $275

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