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Mary Rand may be an east coaster and a Yawgoon at heart, but over the last few years the mountains and snow of the Pacific Northwest have taken her far from home. Currently based out of Seattle, Washington, Mary has recently immersed herself in the PNW backcountry scene with her fellow 686 Team riders. We reached out to Mary to see what some of her backcountry essentials are now that she has traded in rope-tows for sleds and pillow lines. With everything from her favorite beers, to snowmobile racks and splitboards, Mary has your backcountry needs covered. And as always, don’t forget to check out the The 2017 Product Collection or 2017 Interactive Brand Guides while you’re at it.

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Arbor Swoon Splitboard


The Arbor Swoon splitboard is a women–specific design featuring a reclined version of Arbor’s Rocker System for improved climbing performance. The setback camber profile eases ascents while maintaining the adaptable and surfy feel of its solid counterpart. So you can expect the same performance of the Swoon when charging through the backcountry, or ripping across the resort. When asked about the Swoon, Mary states that it’s her go-to board of choice when she is “in need of some mindful and meditative snowboarding.”

Buy now: $649.95

686 GLCR Eve Primaloft Jacket


Layering is key to enjoying a day in the backcountry. Whether you are cruising through the mountains on skins or sleds, your body temperature needs to be constantly regulated, and having the correct layers is your first step towards guaranteeing comfort. 686’s new Eve Primaloft Jacket comes with 100g Primaloft filling and a DWR coating to ensure you stay both warm, and dry—no matter what. “Everyone needs a good puffy; they’re light weight and warm. 686 sells this puffy with a small bag in the pocket that you can stuff the puffy into to create more space when packing, or to use as a pillow while camping or traveling.”

Available Fall 2017

Shark Snowsurf


The powder surfing movement has been erupting over the past few seasons, and Mary will tell you that there is no better way to spend a day in the mountains when resorts are closed and the backcountry is unsafe. “No boarding, pow surfing, whatever you want to call it—it changed my life. Riding in powder without bindings is so incredibly fun.” Not only are they a blast, but Shark Snowsurfs come with fully customizable graphics, so you can work up a design for your very own limited edition Snowsurf today. Get creative, and free those feet.

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Smartwool Women’s PhD® Slopestyle Light Ifran Socks


Ah, the wonderful sensation of putting on a fresh pair of socks. Crisp, clean, and stink-free, a trusty pair of wool foot sleeves are the sign of a great day on-hill, off in the woods, or anywhere else that your adventure might take you. The PhD® Slopestyle Light Ifran Socks feature Merino wool for maximum breathability, moisture management and temperature regulation, so even after a long day out exploring, your socks will still feel just as fresh and clean as they were out of the box. “What is better than Merino wool? Nothing.”

Buy now: $24.95

Mo-Pros Diamond Series Rack


It’s tremendously important to always have the proper gear and to stay organized when sledding in the backcountry. Mary relies on her Mo-Pro board rack to keep her equipped for whatever may come her way. With room for two boards, Verts, and whatever else the day may call for, Mary stays prepared and organized for any adventure that lays ahead.

Buy now: $599.99

Ninkasi Hop Cooler Beer


A cold beer is always a welcome respite after a long day in the mountains, Mary’s go-to is Ninkasi, a small craft brewery out of Eugene, Oregon. Don’t forget the six-pack next time you go to load up your Mo-Pro, there are few greater treats than cracking a cold one with the crew after a long day of filming.

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Vans Slip-Er


A day of filming in the mountains will put a toll on you, and your feet. Recharge for the next day’s mission in comfort and style with a pair of Vans Slip-Ers. “My feet get freezing walking around the cabin barefoot, socks are too slick on hard wood… slippers are the answer.”

Buy now: $55

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