Few riders are as strong and consistent throughout all disciplines in snowboarding as Jake Kuzyk. Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, our friend from over the border has a tenured career with parts displaying his dominance in everything from the street, to the backcountry, and in between. We caught up with Jake to see what the products are that he relies on day to day, so we have you covered whether you are camping deep in the woods, or shoveling under the city lights. And as always, don’t forget to check out the The 2017 Product Collection or 2017 Interactive Brand Guides while you’re at it.

K2 Daniel Franck re-release


There is an odd paradox found in the timeless nature of classic board graphics. Some lingering element that jumps out and announces that once they are old enough to be old, they simultaneously become new and fresh. Such is the K2 Daniel Franck re-release. The classic graphic has a fundamentally classic aesthetic, elementary and simplistic in nature, yet striking and confident with it’s place in history. However, this board is much more than simply an old graphic reimagined, outfitted with all of K2’s available technology, the Daniel Franck re-release is meant to be ridden into the ground before tossed on the wall.

Available Fall 2017

Canon Mini-DV


Filming short videos with friends is guaranteed fun. Whether they are short skate edits from the local mini-mart, raw and reckless Jackass-inspired skits, or full blown productions, there is an intrinsically enjoyable element to the creation. Among these projects, filming with Mini-DV cameras is a particularly fun endeavor. Welcome back to 2002, the program you need to edit your grade-A footage probably doesn’t exist anymore, but that old PC Desktop sitting under stacks of paper and mountains of dust should still run. Get to work, the depths of Vimeo eagerly await your next masterpiece.

Buy now: ~ $50

Howl Team Mitts


Everyone has a favorite pair of mittens. Maybe they fit a little better or smell a little less than the next, but for one reason or another you grab them each day you head out. Welcome the Howl Team Mitts to fill that role for years to come. The Howl Team Mitts come standard with 10k/10k protection and leather palms, so they will stand up to the elements and keep you warm. Not only that but we guarantee that you will be looking and feeling good, day in, day out. What is there to question?

Buy now: $54

Vans Hi-Standard Boots


The Vans Hi-Standard is the classic example of tried and true. Having been in production for 15 years, the Hi-Standard is consistently the best selling boot on the Vans line. The Hi-Standard stays true to its name without all of the frills and gimmick-tech that is packed into other boots on the market. Last year, Jake Kuzyk joined the ranks of riders with a signature boot, so now you can buy one of the best boots available, and in your favorite riders style as well. Make sure to keep an eye out for next season’s model dropping this fall, after all, if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

Buy now: $134.95

Mizu V8 Stainless Steel Water Bottle


Re-useable water bottles are great for many reasons, the primary one being that as humans we have a responsibility to protect our planet. Politics and conspiracy theories aside, we can all agree that dumping endless plastic water bottles into our landfills and oceans has a negative effect on the eco-system. But even on a more fundamental level, Mizu’s insulated water bottles are downright awesome. Like ice water? Toss a couple cubes in before bed and wake up to them still clanking around come morning. Save the environment and drink cold water all the time, no matter what.

Buy now: $34.95

K2 Sentinel Backpack


Good backpacks can’t be beat. We use them for everything, going to work, going on vacation, going to the mountain, the skatepark or beach; the utilities of a solid backpack are endless. Jake Kuzyk swears by the Sentinel from K2. Designed for every mountain enthusiast, the Sentinel comes standard with a goggle specific pocket, board carrying mechanism, hydration bladder carrying system, and even a helmet holder. From your alpine peak needs to your après essentials, you’re covered.

Buy now: $269.95

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