Snowboarding and constantly traveling will do a number on you. Even if you drink plenty of water, get all of the sleep in the world, and eat healthy meals, continually subjecting yourself to weather and tiring conditions will wear you out. As one of women’s snowboardings all-time greats, Hana Beaman has spent years on the road living the quintessential life of a professional snowboarder. We reached out to Hana to see what products she is currently stoked on, what her trick for staying dialed and healthy was, and how she has managed to stay at the top of the game over the years. From boards that can handle it all, to energy pills and Prosser’s Sauce, we can assure you Hana has you covered this week. And as always, don’t forget to check out the The 2017 Product Collection or 2017 Interactive Brand Guides while you’re at it.

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Featured photograph courtesy of Rob Kingwill and Avalon 7

RIDE Warpig

Photography by Erin Hogue

You didn’t know it just yet, but the RIDE Warpig will soon be your ride-anything-go-anywhere snowboard of choice. The unique board design features a shorter running length, a wider base underfoot, and a tapered sidecut for increased mobility and a natural dominance in everything from the park to waist deep pow. Not only that, but the RIDE Warpig returns for it’s second season with the addition of a smaller size option, so ladies and smaller gentleman alike can now experience the all-terrain prowess of this freestyle slayer. “This board rips and is good for both men and women! Unisex, so hot right now… Pow slayer and still awesome fun in the park or for carving it up! I surprised myself how many days I took this bad little piggy out this season, in general it was a great go-to, but it excelled in deep Baker pow! I shredded on the small (148) and I could land EVERYTHING! Secret weapon, for sure.” — Hana

Buy now: $449.95

The Grayl Ultralight Water Bottle


Let’s face it, water is life. And unfortunately for those that like to live life in the outdoors, clean drinking water is becoming increasingly difficult to source. Enter the fast, easy to use, and reliable Ultralight water bottle from The Grayl and never go without clean drinking water again. The Ultralight removes viruses, bacteria, and protozoa, while simultaneously filtering out particulates, chemicals and heavy metals. Not only that, but it makes water drinkable in 15 seconds without relying on batteries, UV bulbs, chemicals, pumping, sucking, or squeezing. “If I’m carrying a bottle it might as well filter too! I used this pretty much every day out at the heli pad in AK and it’s my bottomless water bottle out camping and hiking in the summer.” — Hana

Buy now: $59

VonZipper ALT


The VonZipper ALT, or, “Alternative Lens Thing,” as they crew over at VonZipper likes to call them, is all about the the most goggle out of as little material as possible, without sacrificing comfort. Sounds good right? The lightweight frameless design maximizes field of vision, so you can see like an astronaut, all while keeping the overall build of the goggle minimized so you don’t feel or look like one. Oh and did we mention they check out at under $100?

Buy now: $90

Voke Tabs


Dreamt up by avid outdoorsman Kalen Caughey while sitting exhausted on a chairlift in Montana, Voke Tabs are a healthy, convenient, and extremely portable energy solution to fuel long days in the mountains. Voke Tabs work by combining the effects of organic guarana berries, green tea, and acerola cherries for a balanced, sustained, and healthy energy boost. Not only that, but they work without the addition of sugars, artificial sweeteners or excessive vitamins. “Light weight, compact, and easy to carry in a pocket or backpack, [Voke Tabs are] made from good stuff and are easy to chew if I’m feeling sluggish after a long day and just need a quick boost to hike the jump a few more times. Plus, there’s 7 in a tin so all your friends can get Voked with you too!” — Hana

Buy now: $7

Oregano Oil


Want an easy way to stay healthy and keep yourself at peak performance next season? Simply add a few drops of oregano oil to your standard health regiment. While oregano oil has many different uses among various homeopathic and naturopathic users and doctors, curing the common cold and staying at peak performance is it’s most common use. “Oregano oil is vital to keeping me healthy on the road in the winter. I’ll take it at the first sign of a soar throat or stuffy nose. Two drops can do wonders.” – Hana

(Editor’s note: Oregano Oil can very greatly in strength and concentration, and it is advised that consumers use of a professional aromatherapist or a recipe from a reputable aromatherapy book when using pure essential oils for any purpose.)

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Prosser’s Sauce


Prosser’s Sauce first came to fruition in 1977 when Priscilla Prosser moved from New York to St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. Priscilla stumbled upon a couple of local recipes, and after making a few minor adjustments, the first batch of Prosser’s spices and sauces were born. Years later after sharing with family and friends, Prosser’s Sauce has become a nationally acclaimed addition to nearly any meal. Toss it on your pizza, BBQ, burrito or just about anything in the fridge, and kick your next meal up a tier or two.

Buy now: 2 for $16

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