Summer has all but come and gone for 2017, but with just a few warm weeks left before the snow starts to fly, we decided it was a good time to showcase a few more of our favorite camping and fall outdoor accessories. This week in Provisions we look at all of the gear you will want to have with you for those warmer days that turn into much colder evenings. With everything from hats with built in headlamps, to the softest and most comfortable jacket you will ever wear, this week’s Provisions is guaranteed to have you covered from warm morning to chilly night. It won’t be long now until the snow starts to fly. Dive in below to check out this week’s Provisions.

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The North Face Campshire Fleece Pullover


The Campshire Pullover from The North Face is hands down the coziest, softest, and most comfortable jacket we have ever tried on. Seriously, this is the kind of jacket that will soon double as a sleeping bag on road trips and cold nights by the campfire. It’s that crazy comfortable. Crafted from 300-weight Sherpa Fleece, with elbow pads for durability, kangaroo pockets, and a hem cinch for adjusting fit, we are confident that once you get your hands on one, you won’t ever want to let go. Did we mention that it comes in 5 different colors as well as varied styles for those that prefer a full zip or no hood? There is a Campshire jacket for everyone this season, make sure to get yours while supplies last.

Buy now: $149

Coal x UCO The Spackler SE


Some brand collaborations are just meant to be. Such is the case with The Spackler SE bucket hat from Coal and UCO. Designed with the intention of shielding you from the sun during the day, and enhancing your vision at night, The Spackler SE really is the only hat you will ever need on a camping expedition. Simply slide the removable light onto the leather patch for enhanced night-seeing vision, and sleep easy knowing you will never adventure into the woods unprepared again.

Buy now: $45

Big Agnes x Helinox x Burton Chair One


Traditional camping chairs are heavy, bulky, and beyond annoying to carry in and out of the zone. Welcome the Chair One from Helinox. The Chair One was voted the best outdoor adventure accessory at the prestigious ISPO awards in Munich on January 26 this year, and boasts a variety of accolades ranging from the strongest to lightest option on the market. This year Burton and Big Agnes have continued their partnership in the camping gear world, and even further expanded it to include this new collaboration with Helinox. Improve your camping experience and pick up one of these chairs before your next trip.

Buy now: $119.95

BioLite CampStove Bundle


This thing is crazy. The BioLite CampStove Bundle might be the future of camping amenities. Grill, boil, cook, and charge all in one with this compact one-stop-shop. Even crazier, the BioLite stove is wood burning—so fuel is always free, and it operates hyper-efficiently with performance on par with that of white gas stoves. Crazier yet, the wood stove is smokeless and can boil water and cook meals in just mere minutes. If you are planning to fall off the grid or considering ducking out into wilderness, don’t make the leap without first copping the BioLite CampStove Bundle.

Buy now: $199.95

James Brand The Chapter


It’s the classic single-blade folder re-imagined. The Chapter from James Brand is the simplest, and most practical, single-blade folder out there. The titanium body has minimal moving parts for ease in maintenance and cleaning, and the semi-stainless steel blade stays sharp while resisting corrosion. For those that carry a blade, this will be the last knife you ever need to buy.

Buy now: $275

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