If you haven’t at least started thinking about what snowboard trips you want to take this upcoming winter, then you’re not stoked enough. It’s never too early to grab your buddies and start planning. When you do decide where you want to get after it, be sure to give your snowboard some protection during transit so you can have peace of mind that it’ll make it through god-knows-what in the airport’s luggage system. There are a few different kinds of snowboard bags to choose from, depending on your needs. Read on to discover some of our favorites, pick one out, then start looking at flights. What’ll it be? Colorado? Japan? Canada? Russia? All the above?

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Rome Cache


When you’re chasing snow around the globe, you need a snowboard bag that can not only carry all your snowboard gear, but also a week’s worth of clothes, your skateboard, journal, and whatever else you like to bring along. The Rome Cache is for those who commit to the shred life and are ready to go on some serious trips. It can carry multiple boards, has skate wheels to for more efficient lugging, and three external gear compartments for better organization.

Buy now: $199.95

Burton Wheelie Board Case


Boards? Check. Boots? Check. Bindings? Outerwear? Goggles? Check, check, check. The Burton Wheelie Board Case is the new home-away-from-home for all your snowboard gear that’ll last many seasons to come. Since it’s fabricated with polyester that has TPU backing, this snowboard bag has a longer life expectancy, and the material has a better physical range of motion than other materials. Now, you really can fit that extra hoodie in.

Buy now: $269.95

Roxy Vermont Board Bag


When it comes to the purchase of your snowboard bag, think of it as a lifetime purchase. One that’s worth the investment? The Roxy Vermont Board Bag. It’s made of a strong and durable polyester fabric that has a waterproof lining. The wheels on this bag are also an extremely convenient feature so you can easily wheel it around and make your travel day a little bit easier.

Buy now: $139.95

Rossignol Snowboard and Gear Bag


When you just need your snowboard, boots, bindings, and outerwear, Rossignol’s Snowboard and Gear Bag will do the trick. It has heavy-duty zippers that won’t get caught, some cushioning to show your board a little love during travel, and an adjustable and removable shoulder strap so you can just sling it over your shoulder and get to your next snowboarding adventure.

Buy now: $90

Evoc Board bag


The Evoc Snowboard Bag is your no-frill snowboard bag that’s super lightweight and easy to carry. Its tear-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it ripping if your snowboard has sharp edges, has a padded nose and tail to show your shred stick a little extra love, and it can fit snowboards up to 165 centimeters.

Buy now: $80

Dakine Snowboard Sleeve


Not going too far? The Dakine Snowboard Sleeve might be all you need. Simply slip your board inside, maybe toss in a beanie and some mittens, and then use the pull cord at the bottom to close it up. The Dakine Snowboard Sleeve is a good option for situations when you’re loading your snowboard in the back of your buddy’s truck, tossing it under a bus, or storing it in your closet during the not-so-snowy months.

Buy now: $40

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