©Tal Roberts / Red Bull Illume
©Jan Fassbender / Red Bull Illume
©Luca Fasching / Red Bull Illume
©Ben Thouard / Red Bull Illume
©Jeremiah Watt / Red Bull Illume
©Ruben Vigil Oncala / Red Bull Illume
©Cameron Maier / Red Bull Illume
©Kelton Woodbury / Red Bull Illume
©Bejan Siavoshy / Red Bull Illume
©Liang Zhang / Red Bull Illume
©Jens Staudt / Red Bull Illume
©Micah Roemmling / Red Bull Illume
©Dominique Daher / Red Bull Illume
©Jean Cristophe Bott / Red Bull Illume
©Brett Hemmings / Red Bull Illume
©Bartek Wolinksi / Red Bull Illume
©Marko Schoeneberg / Red Bull Illume
©Dariusz Orlicz / Red Bull Illume
©Hannes Mautner / Red Bull Illume
©Peter Brichta / Red Bull Illume
©Laurence Crossman-Emms / Red Bull Illume

Red Bull Illume 2016 Winners to be unveiled in Chicago on September 28, 2016

The Red Bull Illume Image Quest is the leading action sports photography contest in the world. 2016 will be the fourth year the event is held and will showcase the worlds leading action sports photographers and athletes. The aim of the event is to bring the public closer to the action sports world, and to encourage budding photographers and athletes alike to pursue their passion in the outdoors. On September 28th, the 2016 winners will be unveiled in Chicago, with one overall winner, 11 category winners, and 55 top finalists being selected from thousands of contributors. While the deadline has passed for 2016, it is never to early to start snapping shots for next year, so take a peak, get inspired, and go get after it. Full gallery available September 28th.

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From Red Bull:

Red Bull Illume 2016 Winners to be unveiled in Chicago
The winners of the world’s premier action and adventure sports photography contest will be revealed at a spectacular Winner Awards Ceremony in the Windy City on September 28, 2016.

On Wednesday, September 28, the winners of the Red Bull Illume competition will be revealed during a special, private Winner Awards Ceremony. Taking place at the iconic Art Institute of Chicago, the spectacular ceremony will announce the competition’s Overall Winner as well as 11 Category Winners, and Top 55 finalists. The ceremony will immediately be followed by the opening of the Illume exhibition gallery at Wrigley Square located in the heart of Chicago’s Millennium Park, marking the kickoff of the 2016 Red Bull Illume Global Exhibit Tour.

The prestigious ceremony will celebrate Red Bull Illume’s 10-year anniversary with attending guests from around the world including editors and photographers from renowned publications and key players in the photography industry. It’s the culmination of countless hours of hard work and a long wait for the 5,646 photographers from 120+ countries who submitted 34,624 mind-blowing images to Red Bull Illume Image Quest.

The Winner Awards Ceremony, which will be hosted by television personality Tina Dixon and professional snowboarder Louie Vito, promises to be a unique occasion, with the spotlight turned on the unsung heroes behind the lens whose remarkable images represent the very best raw moments in action and adventure sports photography.

Following the Winner Awards Ceremony, guests and finalists will make their way to Chicago’s Wrigley Square, where the photographers’ images will be unveiled and displayed on custom life-sized 6 w x 6 h ft. light boxes – illuminating the photos in the magnificent glory they deserve.

A judging committee of 53 high-profile international photo editors has selected the 55 finalist photographs in 11 categories from tens of thousands of entries. The submissions come from an astounding number of disciplines ranging from highlining to free diving and rock climbing, to skateboarding and snow sports. They show these sports performed in jaw-dropping locations around the world, captured using spectacular angles and innovative and inspiring photographic techniques.

The Chicago exhibition is free and open to the public every night from September 29 through October 9, 2016. The top 55 photo light boxes will then travel to Toronto’s Union Station from November 18 – November 27, 2016 and to capitals and cultural hubs around the globe as part of a unique nighttime photo exhibit until 2018.

Visit redbullillume.com and our social channels on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, to take a sneak peek at the entries as well as further information on the Red Bull Illume Winner Awards Ceremony and Exhibit Tour.

Official partners for 2016 include Japanese consumer electronics giant Sony, online retailer Yodobashi, external storage brand G-Technology, and lighting experts broncolor.


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