Sketchy Tank

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There is much more to the man behind the mask. Sketchy Tank is a snowboarder, skater, surfer, a family man… But, he possesses a unique style and has a “same same, but different” approach that has quietly made him one of the most sought after artists around.

Raised in Mammoth Lakes and now residing in Southern California, Sketchy has always been heavily influenced by the action sports world. With an interest in “going against the grain,” he gains most of his influence from all sides of life, while adding a touch of Sketchy.

Much like traditional tattoos, his art consists of fine lines with a high contrast style that evokes light with a bit of darkness. It might bring a smile to your face or it may make you frown but in the end it really just screams rock n’ roll, a light hearted touch of “fuck yes.”

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The night of his art show at Milo Auburn consisted of smiles, high fives and substantial beer drinking. Limited prints, limited blankets and various Sketchy Tank hats, sweatshirts and shirts were for sale. If people didn’t buy something, they were probably already wearing it. And if you bought anything, you were entered in a raffle to get a tattoo right then and there by California Cavern Tattoo. Best of all, Sketchy Tank was there himself to shoot the shit with friends and fans.

This was her first tattoo! She was hyped to say the least. At least I hope… she’s down for life now.

“It feels good to collaborate and be in business with a core shop, like Milo, in NorCal where my friends live. This helps me get my name out in a new area and hopefully I can help them spread awareness of their shop through this collab.” said Sketchy.

“Doing this art show with Sketchy Tank was extremely fun. It was an excuse to hang with friends and invite the entire community. On top of that, we now have a killer looking shirt to remember the night!” said Jay Watson of Milo Auburn.

Big thanks to Sketchy Tank and thank you Milo Auburn for hosting such a rad event.

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