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Those Days 020: Jason Ford, 1997

“No one had ever gone hell-boarding in the Bella Coola area until a Whistler guide named The Swede went up there to go mushroom picking one summer. He came back to Whistler with tales of epic remote peaks untouched by man. It wasn’t long until a posse was formed and we headed into this remote wilderness. Jason Ford, Shin Campos, Tom Gilles, a filmer named Beat and of course, The Swede. A local heli pilot named Richard LaPointe was hired. He had never flown skiers/snowboarders before. It turned out he was one of the best pilots in Canada. The combination of unknown terrain and a ninja for a pilot abled us to get into, and out of, some pretty tricky LZ’s. This photo is one of those tricky spots. A knife edge for a landing, Richard dropped Jason onto this high ridge. Jason’s line was exposed by this cliff the whole way down and by the time he got to the bottom his sluff built up to this massive cascade over the cliff. A few years later, The Swede, Beat, and another action sports filmer named Christian Begin started a heli operation called Bella Coola Heli Sports.” — Mark Gallup

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Few can honor the title of a snowboard historian. Individuals like Pat Bridges, Michael Chantry, and Todd Kohlman certainly can, but Mark Gallup is in a league of his own. Not only was Mark present in the cradle of snowboarding’s infancy, but his camera was as well. Pioneers like Craig Kelly, Victoria Jealouse, Tina Basich and Jason Ford are just several of the names written on boxes of negatives in Mark’s archive, which he regularly shares on his Instagram account, bringing the past to life. It is more important than ever to reflect on these people that helped bring snowboarding to where it is today, and remind us of a time before the digital age, when patience and anticipation battled each other while people waited to see the next development in our lifestyle’s incredible story. Thank you for sharing Mark, these memories are cherished.

Those Days is a weekly series from Snowboard Mag that gives photographers a platform to share some of the most memorable moments from their careers. Each month, we give a different photographer the platform to share photos that spur feelings of nostalgia, triumph, pain, happiness; anything with a story they want to tell. Our culture’s history is vast and full of these special, fleeting instants in time. Those Days is here to bring them to you.


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